Review: Saints #7

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saints 7

Story by Sean Lewis
Art by Benjamin Mackey

We find our Saints in the middle of battle as we enter issue 7 of this, so far, hit or miss series. This issue sees a good mix of how our friends came to be amidst the carnage. Again the historic bitpieces are met with the usual comical language – which strangely in this issue is funny and not cringe worthy – at this point though the whole band/rock references are only peppered across the board and I kinda miss them. The most we get here is a comment on one band member being ‘in the big mosh pit in the sky’.

saints 2

Yes this is the Saints that, if you’re happily following the series, you know and love and by #7 it isn’t changing itself dramatically anytime soon. I do however enjoy how it creates real historical figures and makes them heroes and its tongue in cheek band references (although the GWAR reference in this one is worthy of a chuckle) – even if it all makes you feel like a teenager most of the time. Not that there’s a lot wrong with that as I feel that’s the audience Saints is going for – a fun, laid back and gore loving bunch and if that’s so you get what you paid for. I’ve laughed a good number of times at the silliness of Saints and mostly when it was intentional.

saints 3

Anyway back to the action which I’m happy to say is filled in this issue as the Saints find themselves confronting their own version of death and the ritual is also in heavy flow. This, after all, is what Saints has been leading up to. Given the schoolboy humour, heavy metal/devil worshipping and Saint driven madness aside the comic is quickly coming to its meaning. This is where I begin to admit I did enjoy this comic whereas in the past I’m aware I picked at it like a scab looking for the most positive parts (which I have to say lies in the fantastic art work of Mackey). A slow build up but I’ve got to say – stick with it. I feel now Saints is finally building momentum and if the teaser at the end of #7 is anything to go by then this series just became worth it.