Review: Secret Identities #7

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Brian Joines with Jay Faerber
Art, Cover: Ilias Kyriazis
Colours: Ron Riley
Lettering: Ed Dukeshire

In issue #6 of Secret Identities Kayoto, a Yakuza leader and Gaijin’s brother, had managed to escape from where he was being held captive and was found by Crosswind, the newest member of Toronto-based superhero team The Front Line. Unfortunately, Crosswind is the man who had captured him in the first place: he has actually been sent to join the group by a man set on disrupting the Front Line’s work, starting by finding out and revealing to the world their secret identities. So, Kayoto gets beaten up and nearly killed. Meanwhile, a gigantic monster lands and starts laying waste to the city while we discover that, under his mask, Recluse has the aspect of a two-legged spider.


Issue #7 opens with Crosswind and Gaijin watching the monster. Gaijin takes the lead and attacks it, while Crosswind calls for help from the other team members. Recluse, who had found Kayoto, realises that he will be dying anyway, so… he feeds on his blood, changing back from his spider-like form into a more human appearance. As soon as he does, he understands exactly what Crosswind has been up to until that moment. While he tells his… handler about this, unfortunately for him, Crosswind himself is hovering about.

Secret Identities is a fun yet deep superhero series, very well written and full of those issues that are normally ignored in more “regular” stories. The two authors, Brian Joines and Jay Faerber, managed to create an interesting, believable world, well illustrated by Ilias Kyriazis.


This issue concludes a very interesting story arc, that put each of the team members to the test. Unfortunately, at the end of this very book, we get a bitter twist. No, it is not something that happens in the story. It is not a spoiler: this issue #7 is the last issue of Secret Identities. Planned as a longer series, possibly ongoing, the authors have decided to pull the plug on their series due to unsatisfying sales figures. So, unfortunately, this is it. Get yourself a gift, though: buy the collected edition of the series, out next month. You will not regret it.