Review: Shutter #13

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Publisher: Image Comics

Story By: Joe Keatinge

Art By: Leila Del Duca

Art By: Owen Gieni


Shutter issue 13 is another action packed instalment to the Shutter series. Kate has found herself in Venice with no memory of her past whatsoever. However she knows she is in danger and has to escape.

The introduction to this issue is great as it shows us pictures from Kate’s past and addresses the issue of how she can carry on when she doesn’t know where she is coming from. This introduction was great, both in terms of writing and aesthetics. I hope that Kate’s memory doesn’t come back too soon as it could cause some really interesting issues and I sometimes feel this series can be somewhat rushed at times.

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The fast pace of this comic has meant there has been very little development of the relationships between Kate and the other characters. That is why, when I saw they were introducing new characters in this issue, I was somewhat wary. Yes, these new characters will definitely have a huge impact on Kate. However I’m worried Keatinge will rush things with them the way they did with Kate and her younger brother, leaving us not really caring about them or their relationship with Kate.

Shutter has the potential to be something for everyone, but in reality I think you will only enjoy it if you’re a fan of fast paced action and adventure stories. The art in this series is fantastic and it definitely has an exciting story, but much of it isn’t developed enough for readers to really feel invested in the characters. The amount of twists and turns in the series is also starting to feel rather unorganised like there is little planning done in the writing of this series. I enjoy a plot twist as much as anyone, but when almost every issue has a radical twist it’s really hard to expand on the existing issues in the series. Another issue I’m finding with Shutter is that it’s becoming very repetitive with the story always revolving around people looking for Kate, them finding Kate and Kate escaping them.

To conclude this was another ok issue of Shutter which leaves nothing to desire as far as excitement goes, but still doesn’t expand upon plot lines enough to make readers feel invested.