Review: Sin Eater #1

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Writer Jo Jo King
Artist Chase Dunham
Design Ken Reynolds

Sin Eater#1 Published via Insane Comics is quite an atmospherically drawn little number!


The first thing that impacts me about this black and white Indie comic is that it is simply drawn, but quite beautifully laid out and cleverly inked. It varies between minimalist panels and quite high detail, pulling on inspiration in style from Japanese comics without being derivative Manga.

This is a good thing too, because the story itself in the initial pages – describing a sin eater and what they do – didn’t instantly grab me (I am already familiar with the lore and was probably one of the few people that actually enjoyed the movie The Sin Eater starring Heath Ledger, so this seemed like well-trodden territory to me.)

Though for me, the introduction to the story could have been a little punchier, I have to say that the comic style is quite eye grabbing and King’s strength is definitely in building the characters, establishing the Sin eater and her feelings on her place in life.


The story kept me entertained – the young girl cast out from the very people she helps because of what she is, the old homeless man she keeps as a friend that no one else would have time for. The odd couple finding companionship in their mutual exclusion from society.

Dialogue between the two is natural with a friendly offensive banter. Their familiarity and fondness helps to drive the concept for the story forward and is a lovely counterpoint to the righteous and bloodthirsty witch burning locals and the creepy spiritual leader that condones the violence with a Tim Curry level of corruption and creepiness.


One little thing that I felt let it down was that everything was so visually clear and well laid out, but then these caption boxes for the inner monologue were in a difficult to read font. I can see they were aiming for the medieval style writing and scrolls but it was just one small thing that I had to pause on and go over which broke the flow of reading it for me.

I am curious about #2 I must say. though the story itself so far has been formulaic it has been delivered well and there is potential that the originality in this concept has yet to manifest, this is after all the introduction to the concept, world, and characters. I think the writer is more than likely capable of surprising me yet, and I am rather fond of the art style so I hope they do well enough to bring out a colour edition some day!

Copies of Sin Eater #1 Can be found at:

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