Review: Sink #1

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Sink #1

Publisher: Comix Tribe

Writer: John Lees

Art and Colors: Alex Cormack

Letters: Colin Bell

Logo: Tim Daniel

sink #1

The artwork and coloring of Sink #1 by Alex Cormack was really good. The whole book has a dark and eerie feel to it and that’s because of Alex Cormack. I particularly liked how the art got progressively more chaotic as the story went on. This fit perfectly with the utter madness of the main character’s night in a rough neighborhood of Glasgow, Scotland. The panels themselves get more and more crazy right along with the story. Brilliant work on the part of Alex Cormack.

sink #1

The lettering for Sink #1 by Colin Bell was very appropriate as well. The font choice and letter-size was perfect. Nice, consistent letters and a good sense of emotion. This made it easy and fun to read. The logo for Sink #1 was good too. It’s hard and gritty like the streets and, with the shovel, very apropo to the story. Nice job all around for the creative team on this one.

sink #1

The story of Sink #1 by John Lees was strange and unusual. It’s violent and gorey. It’s uncertain, creepy and dangerous. It starts off light-hearted and relaxed. But as the journey goes further things get progressively more dark, evil and nightmarish. Allan, the main character, has one of the worst nights imaginable and meets some of the most sadistic, most maladjusted people, nay monsters, the world has to offer. I’ve personally never been out of the USA. But after reading John Lees’ story about the darkened streets of Glasgow, Scotland, I can tell you that Glasgow has been removed from my travel plans. As I believe any sane person reading this horrific and haunting tale would do.

Sink #1 follows the evening of Allan, a partier visiting Glasgow, Scotland for a night out on the town. As the story begins Allan is talking to a girl in a club. They’re  talking about the greatness of the city of Glasgow and its citizens, and how Glaswegians are so in touch with their blue-collar roots. As the night rolls to a close Alan tries to catch the last bus out of town. But he misses it and his phone’s battery is dead so he can’t call a cab. So, he’ll have to walk. But he’s not in a neighborhood that is safe for the average pedestrian. Especially not late in the evening. From this point forward Alan’s entire night takes a distinct plummeting into the heart of nightmares. There are undead looking people, a scalp collecting fox with a shovel, bandits and crazy homeless people. Oh, and did I mention psychotic, murderous clowns that have a love for lacerations with razors??!!

But, even with all of that, going on there is more to the story that isn’t written out plainly. It’s hidden and does not come to the reader right away. At least it did not for me. It came to me after I had read the story as I attempted to piece the story together in my mind. This tale is not about Alan, the stories main character. The point of the story, the real “main character” is Glasgow herself. Within her borders lies a heart of darkness like unto Hell itself. 
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Sink #1

Sink #1








        • It's like a mini-horror film
        • shocking and twisted
        • very creative paneling and art style


        • minimal character building