Review: Snotgirl #4

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Snotgirl #04
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Brian Lee O’Malley
Artist: Leslie Hung
Colorist: Mickey Quinn
Letterer: Maré Odomo

Snotgirl #4 follows the aftermath of the incident that occurred between Lottie and Charlene at “Normgirl’s” engagement party. Lottie has been on the receiving end of internet blogging criticism after word of the incident gets out. Despite the blowup, the criticisms are very minuscule compared to the oceans of love Lottie gets on social media. But Lottie is a creature of ego. The dissenting voices giving her criticism might be a small minority but Lottie takes it personally.

This issue opens withs Lottie Person talking with Coolgirl about the incident with Charlene. Lottie still can’t get over the night she met Coolgirl, though. She swears she saw her bust her head open and die. She swears past that she remembers nothing. Yet Coolgirl is still there talking to her as if nothing ever went wrong. Lottie tries to ignore it but the thought is unshakable. Could she have dreamed it? Imagined it? Hallucinated it as a side effect of her experimental allergy medication?

This issue sets some things in motion. Esther, Lottie’s unpaid intern, may be moving on from Lottie soon. Lottie begins to question how decent her ex-boyfriend actually was. And finally, Detective John Cho, a reader of Lottie’s blog, has made himself known, bringing his slight side plot into the main fold.

Issue #4 was a bit of a bore compared to the previous issues of Snotgirl. Issue #4 is the penultimate issue to Snotgirl volume 1 and it shows. There’s a feeling of setting things up for the last issue while not offering much payoff in this one other than slightly moving the narrative forward. Also, Image advertized this one as a “Halloween” issue. Well, it’s a month late and the issue never touches on Halloween at all. This feels like a missed opportunity to me. Lottie is all about fashion. Halloween seems like a really fun concept to explore through the fashion blog-o-sphere but it’s not. This makes the mention of Halloween in this issue’s advertizing ring falsely, which is disappointing.

All in all, Snotgirl #4 isn’t as good as its predecessors but it’s not bad either. It’s just not up to the quirky fun standard I’ve already come to expect from Lottie Person’s world.

Snotgirl #4

Snotgirl #4








        • Pushes the narrative forward
        • Sets up for a potentially enlightening conversation
        • Art is beautiful as always


        • If you read anywhere that this was a Halloween issue, prepare to be disappointed
        • Not a lot actually happens in this issue