Review: Snotgirl #5

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Series: Snotgirl
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Brian Lee O’Malley
Artist: Leslie Hung
Colorist: Mickey Quinn
Letterer: Maré Odomo

I’ll be honest. I am really not sure how to feel about this issue of Snotgirl.

Snotgirl, when the first issue dropped, seemed to be about the vapid fake world Lottie Person set up for herself. It was a comic with a pretentious elitist protagonist whom you would then expect to be broken by constant intrusions of reality. Instead, it seems with each issue Lottie grows more and more delusional and I’m left not understanding anything more than her.

This issue of Snotgirl takes place a few months after last issue. We’ve skipped the conversation with Lottie and the detective at the end of issue #4. This is frustrating. I guess we’re still in the dark but I really just feel like I missed something. Lottie still sees Coolgirl but is now mad at her for “lying” to her. Lying about what? Did Coolgirl fake her injury in issue #1? Was this what the detective told Lottie? Is Coolgirl an illusion? Why did the mirror crack in the restroom as Lottie talked to her? This is the end of the first arc but nothing has been given a valid answer. Normally I wouldn’t be frustrated with this, but this is the end of our first arc. Snotgirl won’t come back until this coming spring or summer. Not much has been given a clear answer in this arc’s finishing issue.

Lottie runs into Charlene a few times. Charlene has an episode but later Lottie makes something close to peace with her. It turns out Charlene actually really looks up to Lottie, which is why she seems so ever present in Lottie’s life. She never meant to tread on Lottie. She just wanted to be “perfect” like her. It seems the two might finally be understanding each other when Coolgirl shows up. It seems Coolgirl is not an illusion. Lottie begins to stammer about what she saw the night in the bar months ago in issue #1 when Lottie thought she’d gotten Coolgirl killed. Unfortunately, Charlene’s potentially enlightening answers are cut short…

This issue definitely led to some bigger questions instead of answering the smaller ones like I would have expected. I suppose that’s not inherently bad but it is frustrating given the waiting period from here to the next batch of issues. There’s still a lot of mystery swirling around the enigma of Coolgirl and the force she has around Lottie’s life.

Part of me is highly curious and wants to know where this is going. Another part of me thinks this comic would be better if it cut the mystery shtick altogether and just stuck with the deconstruction of the vapid self-absorbed internet celebrity lifestyle.










        • Art is good as always
        • Answers seem to be getting closer


        • Bigger questions are set up before any small questions are even answered
        • The mystery is beginning to kill me