Review: Star Trek #59

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Star Trek #59: Connection pt. 1 of 2

Publishers: Ted Adams / IDW Publishing

Writer: Mike Johnson

Story Consultant: Roberto Orci

Production Design: Neil Uyetake

Editor: Sarah Gaydos

Artist: Tony Shasteen

Colorist: David Mastrolonardo

Letterer: Andworld Design

Regular Cover Art: Tony Shasteen

Subscription Cover Art: Josh Adams

Subscription Cover Colors: Adam Guzowski

ROM Variant Cover Art: Drew Moss

ROM Variant Cover Colors: Adam Guzowski

Suppy Pod Retailer Variant Cover: Tony Shasteen

Star trek #59

Star Trek #59 is the first issue of the two-part Star Trek series finale. The storyline of Connections, which marks the end of the original Star Trek timeline, starts here. Star Trek #60 will mark the end of the original crew and timeline Star Trek series by IDW. Therefore IDW Publishing will now just have the one Star Trek title with the characters from the recent movies. Be sure to check back with us here at the BGCP next month for the series finale review.

Star Trek #59

The artwork by Tony Shasteen was great. His attention to detail and accent really made the likenesses accurate. Therefore the old Star Trek timeline and the new one’s characters really look like their real-life counterparts. This was aided greatly in Star Trek #59 by the coloring work of Davide Mastrolonardo. Mastrolonardo provided excellent shading and dimesnsion to the panels and thus made a perfect presentation. The panel work was also awesome. The breaks in between panels depicting the different realities was done very well. This was done by making a tear-like border between the panels.

Star Trek #59

The story in Star Trek #59 by Mike Johnsonwas awesome. His writing of the different characters was spot on. Because of this, Mike Johnson really nailed the different personalities. I have been a Star Trek fan for as long as I can remember. Thus I appreciate and admire the respect given to the characters by Mike Johnson. His story is compelling and fits nicely into the canon as the new movies have found a way to do. Star Trek #59 is a real page turner. Star Trek #59 definitely leaves you dying for #60. You just have to find out how the story is going to develope.

In Star Trek #59, the Enterprise has come across an anomaly in the space/time continuum. There are strange fluctuations in reality that are causing parallel dimensional overlap. The dimensions between the former Star Trek timeline and the new one are cross connecting. The whole crew is experiencing these parallel dimensional shift and nobody knows why. The do however suspect the anomaly they discovered as the culprit. They are attempting to get more precise data but they fear getting too close to the anomaly. Because of this they send out a probe. But even the probe is switched with the probe from the alternate reality.

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Star Trek #59

Star Trek #59








        • Gret art
        • Good likenesses
        • Compelling story
        • Great paneling


        • Seemed to end too soon