Review: Star Trek: Boldly Go #2

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Star Trek: Boldly Go #2

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Mike Johnson

Art: Tony Shasteen

Colors: Davide Mastrolonardo

Letters: AndWorldDesign

star trek: boldly go #2

The art presentation of Star Trek: Boldly Go #2 by Tony Shasteen and Davide Mastrolonardo was great. I think Shasteen has improved since the first issue. Their character-likenesses were much more spot on and easily recognizable. While Shasteen does some great framework with his pencils and inks, the images are sold by Mastrolonardo. Mastrolonardo’s coloring adds a lot of dimension and character to Shasteen’s images. Great job from both artists really. I just personally liked the coloring more than the pencils in this case. But this is not to impune Shasteen’s work in any way.

star trek: boldly go #2

I was super excited to read Star Trek: Boldly Go #2 after Johnson’s jaw-dropping cliffhanger of and ending of the first issue. Mike Johnson has got the original crew going against the Borg! This is brilliant in my opinion. Johnson takes an old crew, an old enemy, and puts them together in a new a groundbreaking way. This is accomplished because these two, the original Enterprise crew and the Borg, have never met before. Johnson writes a good story on a new, yet familiar and exciting subject. His dialogue is spot on for the characters and flows nicely. The story itself has a good structure and the pace is good. Johnson definitely leaves you wanting more.

star trek: boldly go #2

This story takes place several months after the events of the movie, Star Trek: Beyond. The original Enterprise crew has been re-assigned to new ships and positions. The USS Concord, captained by Terrell and his first officer, Hikaru Sulu, are attacked by the Borg. They send out a distress call, which is answered by Captain Kirk and the USS Endeavour. But when they arrive the USS Concord is already carved in pieces and there are few survivors. But among the survivors is First Officer Sulu who relays the Borg’s only message: Resistance is futile.

star trek: boldly go #2

In Star Trek: Boldly Go #2 Captain Kirk, First Officer Sulu and the USS Endeavour track the Borg and discover that they are headed to Romulus. If the USS Endeavour crosses the Neutral Zone and into Romulan space, the Romulans will take it as an act of war. Regardless of the consequences, Captain Kirk will not abandon the remaining crew of the USS Concord that is aboard the Borg ship. Meanwhile Spock, taking a temporary break from his sabbatical on New Vulcan, solicites a Vulcan battleship from the High Council. He promises to return so that he may continue the founding of the New Vulcan Science Academy. But he must help his friends in their time of need. A show of Spock’s sense of duty to both New Vulcan and his friends.
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Star Trek: Boldly Go #2

Star Trek: Boldly Go #2








        • Great, well-written fun
        • good art team
        • A fun, new twist on older elements
        • A real page turner


        • It is a bit on the pricey side for me