Review: Star Trek: Boldly Go #3

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Star Trek: Boldly Go #3

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Mike Johnson

Artist: Tony Shasteen

Colors: Davide Mastrolonardo

Letters: AndWorld Design

Cover: George Caltsoudas

star trek: boldly go #3

The artwork by Tony Shasteen and the coloring by Davide Mastrolonardo on Star Trek: Boldly Go #3 was fantastic. Their styles worked really well together. The characters Shasteen has drawn are easily recognizable. The panels have good definition and dimension to them. I would have liked to see better layouts though. There’s not much in the way of background and foreground images. Just the pertinent information is given. Shasteen did put down a great flow to the work however. There’s a nice leading from one panel to the next. He utilized great pacing and good angles. The coloring by Davide Mastrolonardo makes every single panel just explode of the page. Great bold and vivid color choices really bring the images to life. This book is just flat-out fun to look at. Well done guys.

star trek: boldly go #3

The story of Star Trek Boldly Go #3 by Mike Johnson is top shelf work. I’m really enjoying this series. The dialogue is perfect, even funny at times just like the television shows and movies. I love that Johnson is taking a beloved enemy like the Borg (my favorite next to the Klingons) and making them fresh and new. Plus, it’s awesome to see the original crew taking on a Star Trek: The Next Generation villain. Johnson does this in a great way too, by altering the Borg just slightly. Not in a way that insults the source material either. Just enough to represent the Space/Time/Reality ripple caused by the Narada in the first movie. This is ingenious work. I love it. Great, character-driven story. Just how I like it.

star trek: boldly go #3

In Star Trek: Boldly Go #3, the Borg have arrived in our timeline!! But this time they are not in a cube-shaped ship as they were before. And they look just a little different too. This time their ship is a dreaded sphere. But their goal(s) are the same: explore, assimilate and evolve. The have already assimilated Captain Terrell, his ship, the USS Concord, and most of his crew. Though Captain Kirk and the USS Endeavour did manage to save some of the crew. Now, searching for the genesis of the Narada – the time-traveling Romulan ship from the first movie – the Borg travel to Romulus. Captain Kirk and the USS Endeavour follow the Borg into Romulan space, violating Starfleet’s treaty with them. But the Borg having already assimilated the USS Concord, and therefore have already adapted to standard issue Starfleet weapons.
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Star Trek: Boldly Go #3

Star Trek: Boldly Go #3








        • great story
        • great art and coloring


        • Artwork not as detailed as I wouldlike
        • a bit pricey