Review: Star Trek: Boldly Go #4

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Star Trek: Boldly Go #4

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Mike Johnson

Art and Colors: Tony Shasteen

Letters: Andworld Design

Cover: George Caltsoudas

star trek: boldly go #4

The artwork and coloring on Star Trek: Boldly Go #4 by Tony Shasteen was great. This comic series is based on the newly rebooted Star Trek movie universe. So getting the artwork right so it looks like the actors who played the iconic roles in the movies is key. Tony Shasteen makes this, rather talented skill, look easy – a sign of true brilliance. There is a particular scene involving Spock’s mother where there is no written acknowledgement of the character’s identity. But, the artwork looks so much like Winona Rider that there is no doubt who it is supposed to be. This takes some real skill and I think Tony Shasteen deserves a shout out for it. Shasteen also does a decent job with the layouts. He draws them in such a way that the focalpoint is obvious without taking away from the other details of the panel. Again, this shows experience and skill on Shasteen’s part.

star trek: boldly go #4

The story of Star Trek: Boldly Go #4 by Mike Johnson is riveting. I have really been enjoying this series. I have always loved the Borg as a Star Trek villain. Probably for the same reason I love Brainiac as a Superman villain. And the Borg would have made a great villain in this series just like they were. But, Mike Johnson, takes into consideration the time-ripples created by the events of the first Star Trek movie. When you break the speed of sound there is a sonic boom. When you break the time-barrier there is a temporal boom. This is why things are just a little different in this rebooted universe. Mike Johnson is doing a fabulous job exploring this new concept in subtle but fun ways. The Borg for instance were previously a “Next Generation” villain. But here they are fighting the original crew. And, as an awesome little twist, Mike Johnson has made the Borg ship a sphere instead of a square. The literary presentation of Johnson’s story by Andworld Design was flawless. Well-paced with a nice even flow, well-placed, drawing the reader’s eyes across the pages with a good font choice and size.

star trek: boldly go #4

The Borg have taken Spock and many other Federation and Romulan citizens captive. Captain Kirk and his ship, the USS Endeavour, are hot on their trail. The Endeavour has followed the Borg sphere across the Neutral Zone and into Romulan space as the Borg make their way to Romulus in search of the Narada. The Romulans however do not believe in Starfleet’s altruistic and self-preservational motives. The believe the Federation to be in league with the Borg and that the Federation of Planets seeks to decimate the Romulan Empire. While Kirk tries to convince the Romulans of his noble intentions, the Borg themselves do their best to break and assimilate Spock – a human/vulcan hybrid.

star trek: boldly go #4

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Star Trek: Boldly Go #4

Star Trek: Boldly Go #4








        • Great Art and coloring
        • Great story and pacing
        • A real fun read


        • A bit too pricey