Review – Star Trek Green Lantern #1

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Star Trek Green Lantern

Writers: Mike Johnson
Art: Angel Hernandez
Colours: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Publisher: IDW

Back when I was a kid crossover comics where something of a rarity, we had the odd Marvel vs DC book but it wasn’t until the late 90s that we started seeing things a little more unconventional. We started seeing crossovers between the X-Men and Star Trek (Dr McCoy jokes aplenty), Archie and the Punisher and most recently, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters. Now we have a cross over between Green lantern and the newest incarnation of the original Star Trek crew.

Johnson has written for DC before covering most recently the Earth 2 books so he is familiar with at least that universe’s version of Green Lantern and to be fair this issue really focuses on the crew of the Enterprise rather than Hal. The story opens with Ganthet attempting to escape from an unseen foe with the last of the power rings, having no other choice he spirits them away to another realm which is where James T Kirk and his crew show up. This is not William Shatner Kirk but Chris Pine and his version of the Enterprise crew and for the most part they are written exactly like their movie counterparts. This is only the first chapter so no way to know how this will continue but all signs so far are positive.

Hernandez does a good job of recreating the characters from both franchises and in particular manages to capture the essence of the majority of characters save for Scotty who looks…distinctly unlike Simon Pegg. Everyone else looks exactly how you remember them from their big screen outings and the ships are beautifully detailed. It might just be the first image but Hal Jordan does look a little like Matt Smith in a weird way.

Sanchez’s colours really add authenticity to the book with the whole issue really looking like an authentic piece of Star Trek lore right up until the end. The ship has that clinical sparse white feel that it has in the movie and the consoles all have that new age holographic display shining brightly. When the lantern section of the book begins the colours used really pay homage to the DC colour set and set up a stark contrast to the less mystical, more scientific universe they have been thrown into.

The book is off to a fairly slow yet exciting start, rather than the usual 4 issue mini series this one will get 6 which really does feel like a good move. We see a lot of the crew of the enterprise in this issue but not much of the Lanterns so fans of the latter will need to wait until next month to see what happens with that. All in all it does feel interesting and I am looking forward to seeing just where they go with this story but I do feel that some of the elements do feel a little too convenient and a lot of the events seem overly telegraphed panels ahead. A good book that will hopefully be even better next issue.