Review – Star Trek Green Lantern #2

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Star Trek Green Lantern 2

Writers: Mike Johnson
Art: Angel Hernandez
Colours: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Publisher: IDW

Ganthet’s power rings have chosen their new bearers which spells trouble for the Enterprise and its crew as Chang is in receipt of the powerful yellow fear ring! Hal Jordan does his best to help out and strikes an alliance with a certain James T Kirk to uncover the fate of his friend and lost Guardian Ganthet.

Johnson kicks the action up a notch this issue and we are treated to a much more action packed issue than before, though this book has the same page count we get the impression that more actually happens. Once again Johnson does a good job of capturing the personalities of the new Star Trek crew and that of cocky Green Lantern Hal Jordan. We get to see both Hal and Kirk try to bash each other into submission with their egos but give just how similar they are as people they find some common ground to face a greater threat. I was puzzled at first by the decision not to give Kirk and Spock rings but I sense Kirk at least may well end up with a green ring later in the story.

Hernandez does some excellent pencil work this issue but the newly powered Enterprise crew seem to look less like themselves than before. It does not detract from the quality of the art and perhaps its just seeing them out of uniform that is throwing me off. His depiction of the villainous Chang however is some of the best stuff in the book, he looks far more frightening than before and the scene when he meets with the Klingon leaders on Qo’Nos is one of the best scenes in the book so far. His depiction of the other two factions receiving rings is also fantastic and if anything he proves that he can illustrate a fearsome and formidable group of adversaries.

Sanchez really brings the power of the Lanterns to the world of Star Trek in a brilliantly colourful way! Each of the Lanterns represented this issue are bathed in the spectrum of light befitting their ring but more than that, it looks completely authentic to the way it has been depicted in the DC comics books whilst managing not to look out of place in the more grounded world of Star Trek.

Whatever perceived lack of progress I saw in the first issue has been completely forgotten when reading this issue, we see two very different worlds combine but in smart way that is believable to both casts. They story has yet to properly begin and yet this issue does a lot to calm any fears I had about the teams ability to deliver a book that would appeal to both Green Lantern and Star Trek fans. The final panel in particular has left me very excited for the next issue as things are about to get even more interesting! A fun book for everyone who likes either series but a special treat for those that like both, this could join IDW’s other crossover books as examples of how to successfully merge two very different worlds and do it well.