Review – Star Trek Green Lantern #3

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Star Trek Green Lantern 3

Writers: Mike Johnson
Art: Angel Hernandez
Colours: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Publisher: IDW

The crew of the new Star Trek Enterprise (as last seen in Star Trek: Into Darkness) run into the Lantern Corps and in turn are chosen as new ring bearers. Its up to Hal Jordan and Captain James T Kirk to find a solution before the United Federation of Planets is torn apart by forces beyond their reckoning.

Johnson works really well with fusing both worlds together once again this issue and finally we are given a bit of back story as to why Ganthet decided to come to this parallel world and why there are suddenly super powered Star Trek characters. We get a glimpse of the ring bearers meeting with their DC counterparts and we finally see who the big bad is behind the whole thing. To say that this issue is an exciting one would be an understatement, there is action but that is not what got me so enthralled, rather the promise of a coming battle featuring all of our currently gathered characters in the book so far. This book is as much a Star Trek book as it is a Green Lantern one and I cant imagine how hard it must have been for Johnson to pull off a book that straddles that line, but he definitely pulls it off.

Hernandez once again does a good job of bringing the characters from both Star Trek and Green Lantern into one place but as before some of the panels feature characters that look a bit off. Thankfully this has been his best work so far and images of exploding star ships and lantern powered face offs are order of the day and it is something he truly excels at. Following the events of last issue its no secret that Sinestro has made it into this issue and he looks incredible! Equal parts over confident and yet more than powerful enough to pull It all off, his presence is not unlike that of Star Trek’s Khan! There are a few more familiar faces this time around and each of them instantly recognisable but its the design of the Lantern Powered antagonists that deserve the lime light. As much as I like Chang its the Orange and Red Lantern ring bearers that are pure genius and truly stand out as formidable warriors in their own right.

Sanchez’s colours really bring the light spectrum to the Star Trek universe in a big way, never is it so evident than in the Yellow and Orange ring bearer scenes. The colours are vibrant and bright when required yet subtle and sinister when it is called for, just like the writing the pallet changes between Star Trek and Green Lantern when required and when both clash it is a sight to behold!

The book did start off slowly but it has at this point picked up and become one of my top pile reads. Star Trek and Green Lantern shouldn’t work and yet the creative team behind this series have given us a thousand wonderful images and a compelling narrative to explain why it does. If you are a fan of either Star Trek or Green Lantern you will find something to love here, by the end you may find yourself picking up the book that crossed over with your own to find out just how those characters are in their own time and place. That is the magic that this crossover has worked this issue, to genuinely create a cohesive story in which you come to care about both sets of characters and perhaps it will help spread a little love for DC and IDWs fans to crossover too.