Review – Star Trek Green Lantern #4

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star trek green lanter 4

Writers: Mike Johnson
Art: Angel Hernandez
Colours: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Publisher: IDW

Hal and Carol take some time out to explain just what happened when Nekron attacked Earth for the second time and why they hadn’t been able to defeat him this time around. Things begin to look a little less rosy for the bearers of the red, yellow and orange rings as their corps leaders turn out to be a little less tolerant than the others and begin to exert their authority. All the time in the background Nekron builds a new army of the undead which can only be bad news for this version of Earth.

This issue although containing a fair bit of action definitely veers more to the narrative side and we see a lot of “talking heads” style scenes between our heroes. As the villains inevitably clash there is also a fair bit of exposition between actual fighting but it does help to drive home the rivalries between the different corps though it does quickly turn away from the Star Trek characters by their side. Johnson does have a seemingly more DC centric issue this time around with the majority of plot being driven by those characters but given the nature of where we are headed this might not be the worst thing. As always he does a great job of representing both sets of characters but I do feel the crew of the Enterprise did go down a little easy. Also something I have not seen answered, if the alternate DC earth fell did the Justice League not try to fight along side them? Seems odd that they would leave the Lantern Corps to go it alone.

Hernandez does a good job illustrating both the flashback sequences and the current time events, there are still some inconsistences with some of the character faces but for the most part it looks great. The large scale battle sequence mid way through the issue is pretty impressive though a lot of that is also down to Sanchez’s excellent use of the colour on the super powered ships. One scene in particular which features a fleet of fear powered Klingon birds of prey against the hope powered Enterprise is spectacular due both to the pencils and colours combined.

Despite all of that this issue runs at a far slower pace to the others which is likely be design, it would appear the characters are all being gathered together for the next few parts which makes sense but unfortunately when reading this book monthly does make it a little less enjoyable to read. The book does look good and the characters are all consistent with their movie and comic book counterparts but it appears we lost part of this books flow to the flashback scene. I would wager that this will all read much better when it is brought together it form a trade though and I still cant wait to get to the next part of the story.