Review – Star Trek Green Lantern #5

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Star Trek Green Lantern 5

Writers: Mike Johnson
Art: Angel Hernandez
Colours: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Publisher: IDW

The Black Lantern Nekron has made a home for himself in the Star Trek cinematic universe after wiping out all life on a version of DC’s Earth Prime. The combined power of the Lantern Corps and Starfleet might be enough to stop him if they can stop fighting amongst themselves for more than a few minutes. In the penultimate issue of this massive crossover everything is on the line as death itself attempts to conquer the Final Frontier.

Johnson has carefully built this crossover up slowly and steadily since the premier issue dropped on news-stands this summer and it has already been a hell of a ride. This issue is no different as the various pairings of “bad” Lantern ring users take the fight to Kirk and Hal. Luckily the chosen amongst the crew of the Enterprise are beginning to understand their abilities and this universe’s War of the Light continues in spectacular fashion. Hal’s last minute assistance from some familiar faces arrives just in time and Scotty has a surprise that is likely to raise a few eyebrows this month. The latter plot development certainly feels like a statement to address the alignment of this particular universe and maybe even to address the absence of a certain character but you will have to read the issue to see exactly what I am talking about.

Hernandez is getting comfortable with his art and there are far less images that stand out as strange or out of place (save for Larfleeze, his face is just strange here). His work on the large scale battle that engulfs the majority of this issue is impressive, the spectacle of the ring bearers powering up the Star Trek ships will stay with you long after you put the book down. The final panel will certainly have you excited for the next and final issue. Sanchez really has his work cut out for him this issue with every spectrum of light clashing this issue, luckily he more than raises to the challenge and red, green, blue and indigo illuminating each panel.

The time has come for the final battle to finally reach its conclusion and this issue builds that anticipation by giving us a big battle but promising and even bigger one next issue. The tone of the book does feel a little bleak for fans of the DCU now that we know the fate of this version of it and I have to be honest, I have no idea how our heroes are going to escape the next issue with their lives. This issue would be a bad place for a new reader to start being so close the conclusion but for everyone else the same quality and mix of action and storytelling has continued and for most of us that means this is a must buy issue.