Review: Star Trek: Waypoint #1

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Star Trek: Waypoint #1 of 6

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Letters: Andworld Design


Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Mack Chater

Colors: Jason Lewis, Dee Cunniffe


Writer / Artist: Sandra Lanz

star trek: waypoint #1

Mack Chater did a spectacular job on the pencils and inks of Star Trek: Waypoint #1. Chater’s character depictions are spot on and are therefore a joy to look at. Geordi LaForge and Data actually look like LaForge and Data. There was no need to adjust to his style. Right away the familiar reader will instantly recognize the characters. Jason Lewis and Dee Cunniffe also did a good job with the coloring of Puzzles. They add a much needed amount of shading and definition to the panels. Their color choices were subtle but highly effective.

star trek: waypoint #1

I enjoyed Donny Cates’ story in Star Trek: Waypoint #1. Cates writes an intriguing story full of good, solid dialogue. The dialogue has a nice, organic, flow to it that does an effective job of storytelling. Cates writes LaForge and Data in a unique light, showing how they have grown and evolved as people. Even showing some characteristics I was surprised by.But they are also warm and familiar, so, while new, it was not foreign. Being able to take characters in a new direction without staying to far from the source material is a skill of note. And Donny Cates has it in spades. Great story. Great characters. Great job.

star trek: waypoint #1

Star Trek: Waypoint #1 finds two familiar characters in an all new situation. Former engineer, Geordi Laforge, is now the captain of his own ship. Data, the former science-officer, has now been uploaded into the ship’s computer. While there is a crew aboard, Data virtually runs the ship. He appears in holographic projections to perform various tasks simultaneously. He has no need to do this but Captain LaForge believes that Data does this for his benefit. In their search of a space sector LaForge and Data come across a strange ship. The cube-shaped ship is highly advanced and most likely futuristic. The problem is that the two-hundred-man crew of engineers are dying. Captain LaForge and Data do their best to save the time-traveling crew but the strange, cube-shaped ship has an AI that is fighting them. The situation is critical and Data does something drastic in response. But Geordi might just be able to make lemonade out of these lemons.

star trek: waypoint #1

Star Trek: Waypoint #1’s final story, Daylily, by artist / writer Sandra Lanz was interesting. The art was good and I loved the bold color choices. UHura finds herself separated from her landing party and forced to find shelter from a storm. She comes across a strange and unusual creature. The meeting is reminiscent of Princess Leia meeting the Ewok, Wicket, on Endor. It was fun and humorous. Great job for such a short story.

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Star Trek: Waypoint #1

Star Trek: Waypoint #1








        • Good character likenesses
        • Good story
        • A fun new direction for the title


        • The entire story is in act 1