Review: Starlight (Trade Paperback)

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Starlight TPB Cover


Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Mark Millar

Art: Goran Parlov

Colourist: Ive Svorcina

Letterer: Marko Šunjić

Starlight TPB interior 1

Starlight is a book like nothing else you’ve ever seen, unless you happen to watch or read any of the early sci-fi adventures of Flash Gordon or Dan Dare. Duke McQueen is a hero of that stature, the story picks up many years after accidentally flying his rocket ship into a wormhole and freeing Tantalus from the rule of a dictator. Reeling from the death of his wife, Duke struggles to live. While on Tantalus he was praised as a hero, even having a statue erected in his honour in their capital, back on earth he is taunted for being classed as crazy. Nobody believed any of his stories, kids make fun of the war hero, his own children growing up not refusing to spend time with him because they were in the same frame of mind as everyone else, their father was crazy.


Starlight TPB interior 2

The only person who believed him, his deceased wife. On the anniversary of her passing, Duke wanted to spend time with his family, unfortunately for Duke, both of his sons forgot the plans. When our hero least expected it ship that looks all too familiar appears in front of his house, ready to change his life all over again.


This book is a sci-fi adventure everyone has waited for, what happens to a hero once they’ve saved an alien world? This take on a sci-fi story by Mark Millar is ingenious. Thinking that when our hero returns home they would normally be hailed as a hero is something Hollywood has forced on us since the dawn of good versus evil. But what if our hero is made fun of, called crazy, even by his own family. The story is about a  known hero, this time being forced into returning to the other end of the galaxy to save an alien race one more time. What is not to love about this? Having been raised on every known sci-fi series/movies known to man, this is more than a walk down memory lane, Starlight is by far Millar’s best work to date.


With this being the first time I’ve seen any work by Goran Parlov, I was impressed right off the bat. The detail in his characters nice and neat, looking towards Duke’s facial features as a prime example of this. There is so much going on, the wrinkles, drooping of his cheeks, this is a good example of neat art. Going with the theme of the story, the flashbacks definitely have an homage to the sci-fi stories of old, but that would not be at all possible without the colours provided by Ive Svorcina. The choice of colours thoughout this book are superb, the book is bright and flashy, despite the story being grim. The way young Duke is drawn does nothing but make me think him as a cosmic Ash Williams (Evil Dead), just take a moment and look at the character, the black hair, the blue top, the bad ass attitude, the glass chin, being a fan of that series of movies made me like Duke even more.


You could say that the back story to the title is a little bit dated due to the 50’s/60’s sci-fi shows , but with the breath of fresh air brought about by Mark Millar, the unknown hero returning to save the day once again, this book is another notch in incredible titles brought about by Millar.