Review: Steven Universe #7

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Publisher: Boom! Studios

Written: Rebecca Sorese, Grace Kraft, Josceline Fenton

Illistrated: Coleman Engle, Grace Kraft, Mad Rupert

Colours: Liz Fleming

Boom! Studios take on Steven Universe continues with another strong selection of fun stories with Steven Universe #7.

Based on the Carton Network show of the same name and originating from the same creative pool as the phenomenally popular Adventure Time, Steven Universe is based on the exploits of a young boy who teams up with a group of extra-terrestrial warriors called the Crystal Gems, tasked with protecting Earth whilst at the same time hanging out with each other and adjusting to life on our planet.

Steven Universe #7 is a collection of four short comedic tales full of the same zany goings on you would expect from the Steven and the Crystal Gems so even though these are short stories you will need to have seen the show a few times just to get a rough idea of what exactly is going on. The first tale “Storytime” has Pearl getting all excitable as her imagination gets the better of her; “Wild Animal” stars Amethyst who gets all confused with why humans keep pets followed by a very short tale with Garnet being overly helpful in “Car Trouble” and finally, Onion shows he is more than capable of looking after himself in “Mean Look”.

To note there is a little editorial confusion early on with the stories listed not being as printed, with “Garden” showing as listed but has been replaced with “Wild Animals”.

Across this issue the stories are enjoyable, entertaining and sit well with the show but what stands out is the artwork, the first two mirroring the visuals of the show and the last two, Car Trouble and Mean Look trying something very different, with Grace Kraft’s two page story looking beautiful with its water coloured style and the thick black lines from Mad Rupert giving the story a more anime feel, Steven Universe #7 has a good selection that covers many styles.

Fans of the TV show will no doubt enjoy these further adventures in Steven Universe #7.