Review: Super Secret Crisis War!: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends #1 (One Shot)

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Super Secret Crisis War!: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends #1

Publisher: IDW
Writer: Ivan Cohen, Louise Simonson

Artists: lina Ganucheau, Derek Charm

Colours: Brittney Williams

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. I have many fond memories of a more youthful self watching this cartoon religiously on Cartoon Network during the days the channel was slowly declining. From my personal perspective, it was one of the last good cartoons to come from the channel. You can probably guess by now I’m not a fan of Adventure Time or Gumball, or anything similar. I watched Fosters hour-long pilot episode several times when it was shown on Cartoon Network. Eventually the show got to a point where there were too many characters in the series, that I couldn’t keep off and thus, I was put off. What does this one-shot comic have to over? Read on after the jump.

The Fosters one-shot comic is part of something bigger entirely. A series of other Cartoon Network IP’s are appearing under the “Super Secret Crisis” banner. But what does this comic have to offer vs a standard episode of a once-beloved cartoon series? Not much I’m afraid.

The story is your usual fare when it comes to Fosters, starting out with none other than Bloo, being well…Bloo. He causes trouble for Frankie by blowing up the washing machine all before a new friend can be introduced. This friend is named Pixel and unlike the other imaginary friends, he is in fact, a robot. Clever, right?

So Bloo and Mac barely hesitate in showing him around the house and welcoming him into Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. We are introduced to another robot from the beginning of the story, but this plays a slightly more antagonistic role throughout the story as he spies on Bloo, Mac and friends. This becomes the set up for the entire story which I will hesitate from spoiling.

The story is well written. It feels like a story that would sit well within the TV episodes and blend as an overall entertaining episode. From just reading it, I can imagine every respectful characters voice which enhances the experience, if only by a little.

The art is almost on-par with the animation art of the show. With this being a comic though, it’s expected as it’s not animated and the images are drawn in boxes of varying sizes. But all in all, it’s consistent with the TV show and won’t divide fans. So overall, this is a good thing.


All in all, as a once-young fan of the show, it was nice to revisit the world of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and learn another lesson in friendship. While I think the TV show no longer airs on Cartoon Network, this one-shot issue will give fans a new story to explore in the world of Fosters as well as introduce new readers to something they may have missed out on. With more Super Secret Crisis one-shots on the way. The list of Cartoons to watch may just expand in the coming weeks.

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