Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #49

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Story: Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow and Tom Waltz

Plot: Tom Waltz

Art: Cory Smith

Colour: Ronda Pattison

Letters: Shawn Lee

Edits: Bobby Curnow


Let me start off by saying something that I feel is important in my mind (probably nobody else’s) If you have been following my past reviews of this fantastic series then you will know of my love for it but you will also know that I won’t blindly praise it while glossing over issues I have. So you’ll be familiar with my position on the art in this series, Mateus Santolouco has been providing some stunning work and made this comic his own. I’ve always been complimentary of Cory Smith who steps in when Santolouco isn’t working on the book for his solid but unspectacular work but I have always seen him as a back up dancer of sorts. Well holy crap if he hasn’t gone and blown me away with an absolutely stunning issue. His paneling is expressive and inventive, his action shots convey violence and danger and his reveals are spectacular. I am so so impressed by his improvement….and he was good to begin with. Ronda Pattison, as usual, helps immensely with her colouring. She always brings such a vibrant look to her books and in a series with green turtles as their stars her style fits perfectly.

What an action packed story we have this issue with a mystery ninja halting Shredder and Stockman’s plans, conversations between Master Splinter and members of the Foot Clan and distention withing the bad guy camp. Oh what a lot of fun it is and with so much going it’s easy to forget that up until this month we were still in the quiet both before and after the storm as the Turtles were still dealing with the damage done to Donatello. Actually that plays a major role in this issue with a small but crucial moment between Harold and Fugitoid where our lovable gold android is having moral issues with their work on the fatally wounded turtle. This will no doubt be expanded on next issue and I’m interested to see where it goes as it’s a background thread just now as there are more pressing issues going on. What are those issues? well, without giving away spoilers(I’m finding this issue difficult to review spoiler free as everything in it was important) the Turtles are involved in an ” Honourable” battle to the death with the foot clan’s mutant cronies while Splinter is about to do the same with Shredder. It’s all going off and the pacing has been handled well which has often been a problem in past series’ of the Turtles comics. So bravo IDW and the team for giving the hardcore fans like myself an enjoyable series that has not been taken lightly and has some serious weight behind it. I’ll no doubt be reviewing next month’s issue so for all your Turtle and other comic book needs keep it here at the big Glasgow comic page.