Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures #5

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Story: Peter Dicicco

Art: Chad Thomas

Back Up Story: Ian Flynn and Coleman Engle

Colours: Heather Breckel

Letters: Shawn Lee and Chris Mowry

Edits: Bobby Curnow


A couple of issues ago I praised the direction this new series seemed to be taking after it appeared the shackles had been released on the writer’s ankles and they were given more artistic freedom to stray from the cartoon this is based on. This was shown in the last few issues written by Matthew K Manning as his story seemed to be running through a progressive arc that looked to have a long term plan. Issue five gives us a new main writer in Peter Dicicco who has delivered what must be a breather issue as it’s just silly fun without any real progression or meaning. As goofy as it is it also does some damage to the book as it throws out already established characterisation in preference of standard kids franchise fare. Normally I’d be more forgiving but being a huge fan of the franchise I tend to look into these things more as it means a lot to me and even as a kid I hated it when these types of comics insulted my intelligence. Kids are not stupid and they want comics that will stimulate them much like the earlier issues would. I’m dumping the negatives out there first as I always believe in leaving on a high note and there are some in there but it’s things like Leonardo’s tea party which is goofy and fun but completely out of character for him. You may say that’s the point as it made it funnier but it was just more of an eye roller to be honest. These comics have a main story and and silly back story, this felt like it should have been the latter.

Speaking of the back up stories, this one is fun. Exactly what it should be with Donnie trying to get peace to study while his brothers are running around causing chaos as brothers do. That’s what I love about these goofy little pieces, it treats the turtles like teenage brothers which is often seemingly forgotten in the franchise. Both stories have great art, particularly the main story which features Chad Thomas’ expressive and animated pencils, bursting with character which is a joy to look at. The back up story would probably split fans more as it definitely more of an acquired taste with the Turtle’s heads being elongated and misshapen but it works perfectly for the chaotic story it represents. I’m not sure I would like a full series of it but I’m talking about a 4 page story so I’m rating it on that basis.

All in all I feel I may be harsh on the story as it’s nothing appalling or anything and it’s a comic based on a cartoon but that kind of attitude gets us nowhere. It really felt like the series was evolving into something more substantial than the usual franchise fare so I’m hoping this is just a bump in the road as I think this has real potential and I’m already advising my nephew and niece to start reading it. Let’s hope it gets back on track next issue.