Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Colour Classics V3 #8

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Story And Art: Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird and Jim Lawson

Cover: A.C Farley

Colours: Adam Guzowski

Editor: Tom Waltz


We’re coming towards the end of the original series now and IDW has done a great job in bringing the best of it to a newer audience with new colours and a more professional shine than the original’s indie roughness. Don’t get me wrong, that roughness was punk rock indie comic book heaven but it’s already been done so this is a nice alternative. IDW have also been very lucky with the quality of colourists at hand because they have managed to capture that gritty, 80s New York aesthetic that Kevin Eastman in particular captured wonderfully. Adam Guzowski is the colourist in question here and he does a stellar job as Ronda Pattison had done before him.

So we are still in the midst of the City At War arc and the quality is still high although there is a distinct lack of dialogue in this issue. I remember this one well as there is a great reveal at the end, showing who is seemingly guiding the trapped Master Splinter through his trauma. This was a great reveal when I first read it and the upcoming issues that expand on this are mind blowing. So what else do we have in this issue?…well Casey proposes to Gabrielle which is sweet although no reader should be truly happy as it’s clear he’s mean tot be with April. Speaking of April, she’s having a terrible time roaming the streets or being hit on by sleazebags so things are not so peachy for her. What else? hmmm….oh the Turtles go on a half arsed training session on the rooftops that leads to a fight with one of Shredder’s high end henchmen. It’s fast paced, it’s action packed and it’s one of the most memorable issues of the original series for the brilliant revelation at the end. IDW continue their great work on updating the classic series and I couldn’t be happier.