REVIEW: The Eight Seal #3

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Script: James Tynion IV

Art: Jeremy Rock

Colour: Michael Spicer

Letters: Troy Peteri

Edits: Michael Benedetto


This series was originated on veteran writer Mark Waid’s web-comic publisher Thrillbent but after it’s success there IDW have brought it to a larger audience by mass producing it on paper. The story focuses on first lady Amelia Greene and her vivid and disturbing vision haunting her. One day he wakes up injured after sleepwalking with a carving knife….worse yet she finds that she has carved an odd seal into her desk during her slumber.

I’ve long thought Tyrion IV is a very solid writer and it’s good to see him get big gigs like the Batman/TMNT crossover (had to get the turtles in here) but he’s at his best with tension building genre pieces like this horror gem. It’s a slow build but in a way that makes the reader desperately want to know hat’s going on which is a difficult thing fora write. If they screw up the slow build then the reader is going to get bored and give up so it’s credit to this book that I’m very interested in where it’s headed.

Artist Jeremy Rock is at his best during the dream sequences with grotesque demons and bodies splitting in half, being dismembered etc. It’s great, imaginative stuff but I found the rest a little plain and the characters were a little stiff looking and lacking any true emotion. That said, the dream sequences certainly make up for it and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

All in all issue 3 is still part of a slow build and read in isolation could be confusing and dull but as part of a bigger picture it builds tension in a very tight way. That said we’re 3 issues in now and so I’m expecting real forward momentum in issue 4 and with safe hands like Tyrion IV I’m sure that will be the case.