Review: The Shrinking Man #4

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The Shrinking Man #4

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Richard Matheson/ Adapted by Ted Adams
Artist: Mark Torres
Colours: Tomi Varga
Letters: Robbie Robbins

The Shrinking Man #4 is the finale to Richard Matheson’s classic story, will Scott continue to shrink away to nothing or find his way back to a world that has let him down (and down)?

After being exposed to a strange mist, Scott Carey miraculously starts shrinking 1/7 of an inch each day. This mysterious ailment has put incredible strain on his relationship with his
wife Lou, but he has finally come to accept his fate and face his fears. He’s prepared to face the unknown as he continues to shrink… as long as his daughter doesn’t  accidentally crush him first. With his final days upon him and that Spider now becoming his great whale, what do you do when you are about to fade away to nothing ?

The Shrinking Man #4

After the science explanations of the last issue, The Shrinking Man #4 starts were it finishes with Scott’s daughter not quite understanding that 10 inch Dad’s are not for playing with and this is where the amusement ends this is not Honey I Shrunk The Kids and the consequences both physical and psychological are brought into play. The feeling of inadequacy is always mentioned with Scott in constant need to prove his man hood by sexual conquest and with his reducing height this proves more and more problematic until meeting the woman in the carnival last issue. His size is shown to show his dominance and part in the world and hear the story says that as you get smaller you have no part or role in the world, and this happens to Scott from kids to birds and spiders after him as he shrinks. The day of reckoning though is a revelation and as his height changes so does his perspective both physically and mentally and a new beginning for him. The philosophical take on the world mentioned at the end of the book is refreshing especially for when the book was written. The art from Mark Torres and Tomi Varga was well done giving a nice atmospheric moody feel with a kind of retro feel too which added to the story.

The Shrinking Man #4

The Shrinking Man #4 was a fine conclusion to a cracking story from a master storyteller, as Richard Matheson  has had a large effect on popular culture and Hollywood, especially with his books I am Legend, The Shrinking Man, A Stir of Echoes, Beardless Warriors, Bid Time Return, Hell House & What Dreams May Come all being adapted for the screen in one form or another; although in an interview he said they were never to his liking. He also wrote screenplays including several Twilight Zone episodes, several Edgar Allen Poe stories, Star Trek episodes and Steven Spielberg’s The Duel one of the many short stories adapted to the screen. The story of man’s place in society is ever more relevant today if not more so with the male place in society not the dominant breadwinner. As Scott Carey found a new life i’ glad this story was adapted and given another telling as it is good old-fashioned adventure and fantasy which is refreshing in today market.