Review: The Surface #3

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The Surface 3 cover

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Ales Kot

Artist: Langdon Foss

Colours: Jordie Bellaire

Designer: Tom Muller

Letters: Clayton Cowles

The Surface 3 interior 1Another title by Ales Kot and yet another title I really do not have a clue what the hell is going on. I have said it before and this issue is no change from the others, it feels as if to truly understand and/or appreciate this title that you really have to be off your face on something. The Surface has not had an obvious storyline, with lots of weird stuff being shown of a future society under the microscope of a “big brother” government. April was the last shipping date of The Surface, making a bit of a catch up required before reading this issue; it’s a crying shame that inconsistencies in titles’ shipping make it difficult stay connected to a title. With the end of the last issue being somewhat explosive, this is definitely the big pay off issue, exposing a few plot points about this world that so far have been in limbo. The build up of Jeffrey Loki over the first two issues has been an interesting plot point with his son being one of the main characters searching for something, in this issue though we are now shown after his son’s death, a broken man. How Jeffrey is reacting after his initial breakdown is as shocking as anything we would be accustomed to, this really shows what extremes he is willing to go to and what he will do if you go against him, showing his true colours with ultimate power.

The Surface 3 interior 2

The Surface is weird, there is still a lot going on to which I do not know, it is quite possible that the build up in each issue will release snippets of information that once you re-read the title knowing everything, the dots will possibly be connected. Unfortunately titles with this type of storytelling does get on my nerves as it is even harder to make a connection with the characters, I tend to find it easier to do on established series where the characters have been introduced and the world has been explored. Langdon Foss on art is killing on art, with the story being difficult to grasp the art alone is able to bring anyone in to this series. It’s nice to see that we are shown more of the world, so far only being able to look at a city and dessert, we have now been shown inside one of the government’s facilities, the over use of technology in this area is obvious. An almost different class of society looking over their lowers. Although the art is incredibly consistent throughout, it is truly wonderful when Langdon gets to draw huge scenes, this issue has several beautiful examples and each is better than the last.

The Surface 3 interior 3