Review: They’re Not Like Us #5

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Eric Stephenson
Art: Simon Gane
Colours: Jordie Bellaire
Lettering: Fonografiks


In issue #4 of They’re Not Like Us, the “senior members” of the group of… urm… especially gifted young people led by a man who calls himself “The Voice”, discussed the situation of young Syd, their newest member. She seems to be reluctant to complete her initiation in the group, that involves murdering her own parents in order to completely rescind herself from society.

Meanwhile, after a passionate sexual encounter with one of her new… team mates? Companions? …one of the boys in the group, Syd vents her persona; issues including her annoyance at the fact that they are forced to use each other’s nicknames instead of real names. But then she realises she forgot her own, and breaks down.


This fifth issue opens with a house on fire. It is a story that clairvoyant Maisie is telling Syd, about how The Voice was nearly murdered by his own parents who burnt their own house in order to kill their three mind-reading sons. Two died, The Voice survived.

They’re Not Like Us has been a gritty series right from the start. And now it seems to be getting even grittier. After we find out what happened to The Voice we can’t help being sorry for him, but at the same time he’s still worryingly cruel… and several shocking surprises await us.


The art is once again very peculiar. In a good way. They still remind me of a modernised version of Guido Crepax’s style, which is awesome, but they don’t seem to be derivative. Rather, I’d say that Simon Gane developed his own style, slightly 1970s-like, and ended up with a result not too dissimilar from what Crepax achieved more or less in those same years.

A very interesting series, then. The action is slow, this is very far from a superhero comic… but it is just so good.