Review: Think Tank #2

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Matt Hawkins
Art, Colours, Cover: Rahsan Ekedal
Lettering: Troy Peteri


In 2014, Think Tank closed after three Trade Paperback collections and a one-shot; now, in 2016, it’s back with a new series.


In issue #1 we got to meet the maverick Dr. David Loren, a genius with serious behavioural issues employed by the U.S. Government for advanced (very advanced) military research. He has an assistant, Dr. Manish Pavi, meek and quiet as much as Loren is crazy; a boss, Johnny Watanabe, “A George Takei Spock”; a dog, Newton; and a girlfriend, Mirra Sway, a CIA operative stationed elsewhere.

Issue #2 opens in a hospital, where Supreme Court Justice Althea Rosen is recovering from a kidney transplant. She is under heavy military protection, but Dr. Loren proves that it would be easy to kill her simply hacking into her life support systems. Is he a criminal in his “spare time” from his government job? Or is it all a test to prove to his employers how unsafe we all are? In his main occupation, meanwhile, Loren is testing a new armour – on his assistant and friend Manish, forced into that by a lost bet (after Loren had cheated to win).


Think Tank is a scary series. No, there are no monsters, aliens, supernatural threats or serial killers: it is about people paid a fortune to find new ways to kill other people, and at the same time it displays how unsafe we really are. In addition to that, at the end of the issue, there is a series of “ways to cripple the USA”, each with a series of links that prove that none of them is a creation of the author’s fantasy.

The art is absolutely stunning. All in vivid colour, very bright and clear, it gives a strong idea of realism.

Think Tank is a very, very interesting series. The story isn’t at full speed yet, but the build-up is already really catchy. We’ll see where they go with it!