Review: Think Tank #3

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Matt Hawkins
Art, Colours, Cover: Rahsan Ekedal
Lettering: Troy Peteri


Issue #2 of Think Tank introduced us to several sides of Dr. David Loren. He is a government-supported hacker testing security systems (and one of his finds makes the US President very nervous), he enjoys hazing his meek assistant Manish, he is quite insensitive, he completely ignores political correctness and he misses his girlfriend Mirra, a CIA operative – but remains faithful to her despite the fact that a sensual colleague is openly flirting with him.


This third issue opens with… well, a dream Loren is having. It features his girlfriend and three other attractive women he knows through work. All in clothes that will make any geek squeal in delight. Just look at the image above this paragraph. And he wakes up to three of them walking in his room. No, there is nothing sexy in this: one of them, Lisa (the one Loren has been insulting for being a lesbian, although he insists that she started it), is so upset by his behaviour that she is thinking of applying to be transferred. Before that, she decided to confront him, supported by the company’s psychologist and by Mirra. When talking to his girlfriend, Loren tries to appear light-hearted – but everything seems quite awkward.


As I already mentioned in a past review, Think Tank is one of the scariest series I have ever read. There are no ghosts lurking dark corridors or vampires trying to take over the world, here: Think Tank shows us a team of people pretty much ruling the whole world, killing people from the safety of their basis, orchestrating attacks on other countries by hijacking (in remote, of course) battle drones and cleverly manipulating the public opinion. An article at the end of the book, rich with external links, shows us that everything we read in Think Tank is absolutely possible. At the same time, of course, we read about the personal issues experienced by Dr. Loren, a character who may be unpleasant but that is quite easy to identify with.

Think Tank is an entertaining and at the same time profound read, a story that can be read on several levels without losing any of its depth. Definitely something for everyone – as long as they have a strong stomach. And no, I’m not referring to any “splatter” scene.

Think Tank #3

Think Tank #3








        • Extreme realism
        • Great art and colours
        • Interesting interpersonal dynamics
        • Often tongue-in-cheek


        • Unpleasant main character
        • Sometimes too fast-paced
        • Scary as f**k