Thor God of Thunder Vol 1 & 2

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Hi everyone Jamie here yet again with another comic for you to read. This time it’s the first two volumes of Thor God of Thunder called God Butcher and God Bomb.

God Butcher and God bomb where both written by Jason Aaron who has worked on such Marvel comics as Hulk, Wolverine and the X-Men and Amazing X-Men. The art is done by Esad Ribic who has done the art for comics such as The Ultimate: The republic of tomorrow and Uncanny X-Force.

Thor God of Thunder was one of new title’s launched by Marvel when they started Marvel Now back in 2012. God Butcher and God Bomb are the first two volumes and make up the first story arc in the series. The series is still running but will soon end in September with issue 25, and will be relaunched in October as Thor.

The story for both God Butcher and God Bomb follows past, present and future Thor on their journey to stop Gorr the Butcher from trying to wipeout out all the gods in creation. This comic even though it is set in the main Marvel universe, is completely stand alone. So any new reader who pick’s the comic up can enjoy it with out needing to know what happened previously in another title.

Jason Aaron writes one of the best Thor story’s to have been published by Marvel in recent year’s. Aaron’s script is just amazing and the dialogue for the character’s is just spot on. The highlight for the script has to be when ever any of the three Thor’s are talking. Each Thor sounds different and that adds a lot to way the comic reads. Young Thor is brash and arrogant, Thor the avenger is heroic and Old King Thor is a grumpy old man. It’s the way the Thor’s speak to each other and to the supporting characters that makes the comic such a joy to read.

Esad Ribic’s art in this comic is just fantastic like every comic he does. Every panel looks like a painting and Ribic’s style of art fits really well with the story that Aaron is telling. The character design’s are just great, each of the Thor’s look very different from each other. The best showings for the art is when we see the Thor’s flying through space and we see the star’s flashing by or later on when all three Thor’s face off against Gorr. It’s in these panels that we see just how big Esad Ribic’s art makes the story feel and that is something that does not happen very often in a Thor comic.

Thor God of Thunder: God Butcher and God bomb is a fantastic read for either a long time fan of the thunder god or first time read with great art work that is well worth the time to read it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I’ll see you next time.

(The Mighty Jamie)