Review – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ghostbusters #2

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ghostbusters 2
Writers: Erik Burnham and Tom Waltz
Art: Dan Schoening
Colours: Luis Antonio Delgado
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Publisher: IDW

The crossover story to end all crossover stories continues in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ghostbusters #2! The Turtles and The Ghostbusters join forces and turn their attention to Chi-You and the now demoniacally possessed Casey Jones. Chaos ensues and we get some great interaction between the Brothers and the Ghostbusters as the story progresses.

It is clear from the first page (as it was last issue) that Burnham and Waltz are totally in charge of their own characters and are working fantastically well as a team. The characters sound completely authentic and some of the interactions are priceless. It is clear that the two groups share more similarities than differences and watching them pair up with their logical counter part is pretty great. It almost doesn’t matter that Chi-You isn’t all that interesting of an adversary, don’t get me wrong, he poses a direct threat of an unparalleled level but compared to the enemies that both teams have faced in the past he seems completely void of any real charisma. This is fine though since the main characters are always the focus and it feels right for them to be dead centre.

Dan Schoening once again delivers us a gorgeous looking book done completely in the Ghostbusters style, again I am impressed with his interpretation of the Turtles and their supporting cast. Schoening has the apparitions and their movement down to a fine art and the facial expressions on each of the Ghostbusters really makes each scene.

I was disappointed to see Rhonda Pattison drop from the credits this issue as she is definitely one of the best colourists in the business, however Delgado seems to be her equal on this series and really helps to create the electric atmosphere this book thrives on. Every particle stream or demonic glow shines like a beacon on each page often pulling your eye to them as the practically leap off the page.

This is part two of a four part mini series so if you have yet to pick up the first issue you really should read that before this. It is a little lighter on action than the first issue but does build on the concepts of both teams and reveals much more about their predicament than we realised.

This book continues to come highly recommend, Burnham and Waltz are like a writing dream team and have managed to distil all of the essence of the stand alone titles into a crossover that feels completely natural. I was not sure they could follow the excellent first issue up with another one of the same quality just down to how many moving parts there are in the story, but every character gets just enough page time to justify them being there and every panel is necessary, not a single one wasted. If you are a fan of either of the two comic runs that feed into this or if you enjoyed the animated shows or movies then this book needs to be on your pull list even if it means knocking something else off. The writing and art are consistently high and most importantly, it is a fun book to read.