Review – Transformers #35

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Transfromers cover
Writers: John Barber
Art: Andrew Griffith
Colours: Josh Perez
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

The Autobots attempt to find out what the humans allied with Galvatron are up to but finding only an old enemy Optimus Prime seeks answers elsewhere leaving Prowl in charge.  Transformers was previously known as Transformers: Robots in Disguise and this follows on directly from that series.

The previous issue really focused on setting up the plot and highlighting the still uneasy peace between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Though they are all under the same banner now more or less, it is clear that the former Decepticons still have a very different way of doing things and vengeance seems to be order of the day. Barber once again twists some compelling twisting story threads as he fully fleshes out the Transformers based in orbit. It is not the intention of the writer to shock us with an unexpected twist, but rather to take us there leaving small nuggets of suspicion and just the tiniest insight that something else might be at play. This story is far from straight forward and I’m sure there some revelations ahead.

Andrew Griffith is on pencils this time around with Josh Perez on colours, the book returns to a much more familiar look, something close to how an animated show would look. It does have a slightly grittier edge thanks to some heavy pencil lines and shadowing which suits the tone of the story perfectly. Most of this issue does take place at night or in space so we see a lot of neon lighting but the majority of the book is much more subdued making those scenes stand out even more.

The issue does set a lot of plot in motion but it is playing between so many different groups that it is hard to feel any real momentum. The book is picking up threads from the previous dawn of the Autobots arc and then adds in a whole lot more so as with any beginning it was always going to be a little slower.

The book is off to a decent start but ultimately suffers from too much story and too few pages to set everything up. It is however a little to early to start panicking since this is just the first part of a much longer story. Given just how much of the story is brought in from previous issues I would not recommend this to a brand new reader however, however anyone with a good background knowledge of Transformers in general should be able to pick this up and enjoy it.