Review – Transformers #38

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Transformers 38 cover

Writers: John Barber
Art: Andrew Griffith
Colours: Josh Perez
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

Prowl and his Constructicons combine to form the nigh on unstoppable Devastator and the humans launch their fleet of reverse engineered Transformers which could signal the end of the line for all life on earth.

All of the seemingly random fragments of story are really starting to come together now as Barber brings this part of the story to an end setting up the beginning of the Combiner Wars event. We see Prowl combine with his allies into a truly monstrous creature and then struggle to maintain control over a sea of combined voices. The price of the power to quite literally toss Galvatron across a room comes at the price of the sanity and reasoning of the combined Transformer. This is clearly a foreshadowing of the event to come and definitely a story thread I will be keeping a close eye on.

This book tends to be fairly bleak at times and is not afraid to kill off main characters to advance the story so I was surprised to find some humour there and even more surprised to find it between Soundwave and Thundercracker. This book does cover some very dark territory but I am glad to see it at least trying to take itself a little less seriously though and not fall for the “everyone is a comedian” troupe that so many books fall into.

Andrew Griffith’s art really shines this issue and we have two massive battle scenes that make up the bulk of the issue. The launch of the mass produced drones and the battle of Devastator against…well everyone are great highlights and make for some truly jaw dropping visuals. I think its fair to say Perez’s colours add to the epic imagery and not only do the Transformers themselves look great, the accompanying laser blasts and explosions add a movie like aesthetic to the proceedings.

The stage is pretty much set for the next event with the conclusion of this story, the conclusion of More then Meets the Eye and Drift: Empire of Stone. It is clear that this was meant to be the main story from the very beginning with the other two running along side before their inevitable cross over in the arc to come. The last few pages of this issue point directly to the future and for the sake of those yet to pick the issue up I wont spoil it, suffice to say you will be left both excited and worried when you put this issue down (for all the right reasons). The issue manages to be both action packed and exciting and definitely leaves the reader looking for more which is never a bad thing. Definitely one more for fans of the subject matter given how grounded it is in the lore of the things that have come before both during the G1 series and the comic book runs but even new fans should be able to find something to enjoy here.