Review – Transformers 43

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Transformers 43

Writer: John Barber
Art: Andrew Griffith
Colours: Josh Perez
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

With the Combiner wars finally over we get to catch up with the events set in motion by Arcee and Galvatron all those issues ago. Fearing what the alliance between the humans and the Decepticons had been working on Cosmos is sent in to investigate and makes a startling revelation that leaves his convictions shaken.

Barber certainly knows how to change up the game, the seeds of this tale have been sown for some time but it is only now that we start to see the story really pan out. At its heart this is a tale of preconceptions and misunderstanding, we already know that the Decepticon movement at its heart started as a noble cause against the corrupt rulers of Cybertron but it is only now we get to see some of this manifest in the current time line. We have Decepticons acting like Autobots and Autobots acting like Decepticons and humans…well humans being foolish and self serving as always. As a child of the 80s and a fan of the G1 transformers show part of me keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop, is Soundwave really trying to set up a peaceful commune or does he have twist planned? Barber does an excellent job of helping us along as we want to believe in the change and see a Cybertron at peace but can this ever really be a reality with Starscream still ruling over Cybertron?

We get a lot of great comedy moments from Soundwave’s two companions Laserbeak and Buzzsaw as they have some fun at the expense of poor Brawl. Cosmos also has his moments but the final few pages of the issue see him tackling an issue that would way heavily on anyone but using a character like him who is usually fairly jokey does help to highlight just how much of a shock he has taken.

Andrew Griffith is back on art and his pencils work pure magic on every panel he touches, the attention to detail on the Transformers themselves and even the humans is a delight. All of his panels, regardless of how crowded the sometimes become feature a level of detail rarely seen in todays comics. All too often we have gorgeous looking Transformers and decidedly less attractive humans but as always his work continues to impress.

As I often point out great pencil works does little if not accompanied by a great colourist and Josh Perez brings his A game once more bringing Griffith’s art to life. Perez excels at subdued tones and the colour schemes used on all of the Transformers truly enhances every panel. His ability to accurately render light and shadow as well as energy weapons is amongst the best I have ever seen.

This issue features is more of a narrative driven book than previous issues and with good reason. We Just finished the bombastic Combiner Wars series and It takes time to remind everyone of where the universe was when we left it last time. We also get to see something that I could never have dreamt of back when I was a kid watching the show the series is based on, a Decepticon offering an Autobot an olive branch! For that alone this issue is priceless and clearly marks the start of a much longer struggle that will change the status quo for the world the Transformers inhabit. They say actions speak louder than words but sometimes, its the words that prompt those actions into play in the first place. Pick up this book whether you are a long time fan or someone who used to like Transformers and is looking for a way to get back in.