Review – Transformers #51

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Transformers 51

Review – Transformers #51
Writer: John Barber
Art: Andrew Griffith
Colours: Josh Perez, Josh Burcham & John-Paul Bove
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

Prime continues to send out his message of peace to the human race in an attempt safe guard them from Galvatron and his army of Decepticons but the humans no longer trust any of the Transformers and see the move as an act of aggression. The Autobots continue to try and do good in a world that fears and despises them turning the other cheek each time they are attacked or disparaged right up until one of them decides enough is enough.

Barber takes us back to a time not too different from when the Autobots first arrived on Earth bringing an intergalactic war with them. The difference is that this time the humans have reverse engineered Cybertronian technology and are just as dangerous as the Decepticons Prime seeks to protect them from. We have had sudden shifts in the tale from the revelation about Blackrock to Starscream’s insanity and somehow we still have no idea a twist is upon us before it happens. Barber writes a dark and gritty narrative but still manages to keep it from getting too dark,

Griffith continues to be an incredible asset to the creative team and has the distinct pleasure of drawing the death of one of the Transformers and the removal of another’s arm. His pencils are incredibly detailed not only on the Transformers themselves but on the surrounding technology used by the humans as a counter measure. The faces on both humans and Autobots alike feature a more grounded realistic look than the other series do which does add a level of gravitas to the proceedings.

Colours this month have been shared out between Josh Perez, Josh Burcham and John-Paul Bove and its all the better for the variety. Despite being three very different artists they all share a darker contrast to give the book a slightly more oppressive feeling even in the light of day. It really does feel like they all worked in tandem to carefully carry a consistent look through the entire book and the effort really pays off with a constantly high quality visuals shine throughout.

All Hail Prime continues to be a book with a large question mark hanging over it, not because the creative team have done anything wrong but rather because they are doing it right. Every issue half answers a previous question whilst presenting the reader with several more. A new reader may get slightly lost with the factions all vying for power but even so it’s worth anyone with an interest in the franchise to follow this along to its conclusion.