Review – Transformers #54

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Transformers 54

Review – Transformers #54
Writer: John Barber
Art: Priscilla Tramontano
Colours: Josh Burcham
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

With the humans attacking Optimus Prime’s Transformers on one side and Galvatron attacking from the other things look bleak for the combined Autobot and Decepticon forces. The humans utilising cybertronian corpses and Galvatron playing with the enigma of combination it takes a desperate gamble to set things straight.

Barber takes us to the very edge this issue with a seemingly impossible and unwinnable situation unfolding before our eyes but manages to throw in a wild card that few would see coming. The Transformers working with Prime and Soundwave are such a random combination that anything can and will happen with some things just being impossible to predict.

Tramontano fills in on pencils this month and is immediately put to the test with some of the biggest battle sequences to take place this series. The human controlled transformers are suitably intimidating and the new combiner though only briefly with us is a sight to behold. Optimus’s trump card is truly impressive in both scale and detail and probably my favourite sequence in the entire book.

Burcham is on colours this month and does a wonderful job on the underwater sequences giving them a unique look and feel. His colours are bright and distinctive and we are never left in any doubt which Transformer is in panel even underwater.

All Hail Optimus concludes next issue and the issue that follows this is the final faceoff between two important characters. That said the issue does have a problem or two in how the plot starts to wrap up early. The method used to break up the enigma plot point comes seemingly out of no were and seems a little too convenient, a deus ex machina if you will. It’s not to say it’s bad, just seems a little unimaginative from a team that has brought us some fantastic tales through the course of the year.

In the end it is still an enjoyable read and signals the end of this arc and the start of a new one, there is still an issue to go and we may well see a proper wrap up but for the time being this is a good but not great issue.

Transformers #54

Transformers #54








        • Fast paced action
        • Giant Robots transforming into ever bigger giant robots


        • The conclusion comes way out of left field