Review – Transformers Deviations

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Transformers Deviations

Review – Transformers Deviations
Writer: Brandon M Easton
Art: Priscilla Tramontano
Colours: John-Paul Bove
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

Deviations is a series of one off issues exploring what would happen if key events to several stories played out differently. In this case the Transformers history addresses the question, what if Prime didn’t die at Megatron’s hands during the events of the animated movie?

Easton gets to really mess with the continuity of the Transformers in some interesting ways but effects such subtle changes that we are left wondering if the events from the movie are a fixed point in the history of that world and although can be bent or distorted they will always attempt to end in similar way. It is definitely worth reading through this issue to view the events from a slightly different angle and ponder how many variations of the story could have come out of a change here or there.

Tramontano recreates the visuals from the movie with such loving detail that you will have no issue marrying the images up with those you saw so many years ago. All of the Transformers, Autobots and Decepticons alike feature a blockier generation one look and feel. If you have been missing the classic look of the Transformers with the more modern takes on both the big screen and comic it will feel like a nostalgia trip of sorts to gaze upon the panels held within this book.

Transformers Veteran Bove is on colours and just like Tramontano he channels an 80s colour palette to perfectly compliment her illustrations. Bove not only creates something of a time warp for the readers but helps to re-enforce the retro stylings in a convincing way.

If I have any complaints about this one shot it’s that they never took the concept far enough for me, it is hard to go into too much detail without dropping spoilers but I really think the Deviations idea could have easily filled up a three issue mini-series with a few more twists and turns to distance itself from the source material. The Flashpoint mini-series that DC comics ran before the beginning of the now defunct new 52 reboot sprints to mind but alas it was not to pass.

I did find myself enjoying this book immensely though some part of me wonders how much of that is dependent on having seen the Transformers animated movie at such a young age. A lot of the impact of the events would be lost to readers who have never witnessed these and they may end up wondering what all the fuss is about. For a long-time fan of the series though this is a fun reminder of how things used to be and how they could have turned out with just one small change to the plot.