Review – Transformers Drift Empire of Stone #3

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Drift Empire of Stone issue 3
Writer: Shane McCarthy

Pencils: Guido Guidi

Inks: Stephen Baskerville

Colours: John-Paul Bove

Publisher: IDW
Drift has been a busy Transformer since his defection from both the Autobot and Decepticon camps, despite walking a thin line between both factions he just cant seem to stay out off the cross-hairs. Its all go this issue as Drift and his allies find out what happened to the Stone army and he makes an unlikely alliance.
Usually the middle chapter of an arc is the slow bit and I was worried this would be the case here but Shane McCarthy does an excellent job of keeping the momentum from the last two books going in issue 3. The book starts off in the middle of last issue’s action scene and with some fairly predictable yet fun reveals we we are swept through the pages at a blistering pace. There are a few quips here and there to humorous effect but it is really the final few pages that make this issue.
Guido Guidi proves once more why he is one of the best artists around as he really outdoes himself injecting emotion and humour wherever requried. His action scenes are the meat of this book and to say he has a kinetic art style is an understatement. I really enjoyed Drift’s fighting style in particular and Guidi really brings him to life, it is refreshing to see a Transformer battling using melee and close range attacks rather than blasters.
Bove brings the spark to this issue in a big way allowing every explosion or impact to hit with real force thanks to his use of a muted yet powerful colour pallet.
Gigatron only really has a few scenes in this issue but he does have one of the most important scenes in the issue. All of the other Transformers share the lime light and the battle sequence focused not only on Drift’s ability to fight, but on the teams ability to work well together and battle as one.
In the end this is another great issue of a wonderful book that actually does feed directly in to the upcoming story arc for the main series. Of course if you have missed out on the first two issues you really should pick those up before jumping in here just so you have an idea of what is going on. You don’t have to read this book if you are only interested in the main event running through the series right now but I would highly recommend that you do. In fact, this is a great read even if you are not reading any other Transformers books with a great art style and an excellent story. It also happens to be the best action comic I have read this month so far which considering the number of books I read is quite an accomplishment. This comes highly recommended to anyone who enjoys the Transformers or just likes an action book, its only 4 issues long so im sure everyone can find a space on their pull list for it.