Review – Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #35

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Transformers More than Meets the Eye 35
Writer: James Roberts
Pencils: Alex Milne
Inks: Alex Milne & Brian Shearer
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

It has been a while since we visited the crew of the Lost Light and followed up the events in the prologue featuring Brainstorm. I am happy to see the thread being picked up again and it gets really dark really fast, more so than you’d expect in a Transformers book.

Roberts really is excellent at creating deep and detailed characters, you may remember that we got Rewind back but it is not really “our” Rewind but one who has lived a similar but not identical life. We see a Transformer who is damaged, he lived through events that never happened in our own time line and despite the best efforts of the crew to make him feel welcome, there is a lot of emotional baggage that he has yet to deal with.

We also find out why the alternate time line even exists in the first place and slowly but surely the plot beings to unravel. There is a particularly amusing scene involving Megatron trying to wrap his head around the situation and his reaction had me grinning long after I put the book down. It really is a testament to Roberts writing that he can create fun and somewhat believable scenarios in an otherwise unbelievable situation.

Alex Milne is back on pencils and I think the book once again looks gorgeous thanks to his ability to make metal look organic and natural. It is incredible to see Brainstorm, once an ally to the crew drawn in such a sinister way and conversely, to see the once diabolical Megatron drawn to look much more heroic. I also love his designs of old and new Transformers in and around Cybertron, he is excellent at huge hulking warrior robots but he is also great at drawing Rewind in a much more sentimental and vulnerable way. It would be a crime not to mention Lafuente’s wonderful colours that once again bring that other worldly look to the world and really give the Transformers themselves a solid and believable mass.

Most of what has happend in this series is explained again in some fashion throughout the course of the story so new readers need not worry about being left behind. We do get enough new information though that those who have been following the story will have more than enough to keep them happy too.

Of the currently running Transformers ongoing series this is currently my favourite, I really wish this had become the main Transformers book as I feel its the one that features the superior story lines and artwork. Megatron has proven in this book that even when he does very little he can and is a much more interesting and complicated character to watch than Prime. I had my doubts about turning this once powerful foe into an Autobot but I am happy to be wrong on this occasion. Needless to say if you like Transformers at all you need to have this book in your pull list, I would even advise having this one over the main series (previously Robots in Disguise). If I have even perked your interest a tiny bit then give it a chance to win you over, you may have grown up from when the cartoons were on the air, but then again, so have the characters.