Review – Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #37

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Transformers More than Meets the Eye cover 37


Writer: James Roberts

Art: Alex Milne

Colours: Joana Lafuente

Letters: Tom B Long

Publisher: IDW

This issue is part of the Days of Deception book spanning story event and features the crew of the Lost Light as they look for the lost Knights of Cybertron. Former Decepticon leader, Megatron and former Autobot commander Rodimus lead the rag tag crew. As former crew mate and secret Decepticon double agent Brainstorm finds a way to travel back in time to try and alter history so the Decepticons win the war, it is up to our heroes to prevent any significant changes from occurring and travel back themselves.

This part of the story is full of revelations, we find out just what Brainstorm is really after towards the end but we also see glimpses of Megatron before he was the fearsome leader of the Decepticons and some events that if changed could bring back lost friends but at an unknown and uncertain cost. Its pretty clear if you are reading any of the Transformer books right now that they are in general pretty bleak, only this series and the mini series Drift have any real humour in them and it is excellent to see that Roberts can balance a dark tone with a nice bit of humour. This is a book that is a good read because of how character focused it all is, unlike most books the plot does not drive the characters, the characters drive the plot.

Alex Milne is once again on pencils and his work is tremendous throughout, the staggering amount of detail on every Transformer both Autobot and Decepticon alike is truly mind boggling. His greatest strength is his greatest weakness too, everyone is maybe a little too photogenic, I know it seems like weird thing to complain about but he does seem to have a very Japanese sensibility when it comes to drawing his characters. There is not a single ugly looking robot in the entire book, even those who normally look less than appealing look incredible. You will either love or hate it, for me its great, I truly enjoy the perfect world he draws but it could be jarring to some.

Joanna Lafeuente is once again the power behind making the world look as vibrant and bright as it does. Every colour has been chosen with care to ensure that every panel is a little work of art as a stand alone piece, when combined everything just looks beautiful. She does a great trick in a few scenes with the sun overhead, it is so bright at times that it over saturates the background leaving an incredibly gorgeous orange hue. She is also great at knowing when to remove colour alltogether, sometimes a plain background with a fully coloured character in the middle is more effective than what we would typically see and it just adds to an already great looking issue.

It would be useful if new readers could even drop back a single issue to catch up on what is happening but there isn’t anything too confusing in here. As I said above, this is a character focused book and everything done within these pages adds to the heroes and villains held within. As such this is a tremendously rewarding book to read if you are a fan of the Transformers past or present.

If someone had said to me when I started reviewing books that not only would I be reviewing Transformers comics, but I’d be enjoying them, I wouldn’t have believed them. Yet here I am month in month out reading this series of books that has grown up with me, that has matured as I have and is not scared to make political or social statements within its pages. Once again I find myself reading this series and wondering why it is not the flagship title in the line, it has impeccable story telling that is as fun as I is smart, and some truly stellar art work that just pushes it way out in front of anything else. I can’t recommend this book enough, If you are not reading this I urge you to do so, its not just a great Transformers book, its a great book in its own right!

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