Review – Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #38

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Transformers More Than Meets the Eye 38

Writer: James Roberts
Art: Alex Milne
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

This issue is part of the Days of Deception book spanning story event and features the crew of the Lost Light as they look for the lost Knights of Cybertron. Former Decepticon leader, Megatron and former Autobot commander Rodimus lead the rag tag crew. As former crew mate and secret Decepticon double agent Brainstorm finds a way to travel back in time to try and alter history so the Decepticons win the war, it is up to our heroes to prevent any significant changes from occurring and travel back themselves.

When the crew of the lost light finally realise Brainstorm’s plan is to actually go back and assassinate none other than Megatron himself, all hell breaks loose on board as the ex Decepticon leader attempts to force the others to send him back. Like everything that James Roberts writes though, things are not nearly as clear as they appear and we get a look into Brainstorm’s past as well as a look at a potentially exciting new development. Most of this issue takes place in a stand off situation and is very dialogue heavy which is what Roberts really excels at. There is some some genuinely heart felt moments and a lot of humour which really makes it stand out from the main monthly book which tends to be very bleak. I have come to really enjoy the interactions of the crew on board the Lost Light, each of them could easily carry a book on their own but combined they make this incredibly fun team book.

More than Meets the Eye just wouldn’t feel the same without Alex Milne on pencils and without his artistic delivery on the jokes I doubt they would be half as funny. The look on crews face as they attempt to watch a historically significant earth movie towards the end or when Megatron and Magnus’ discuss Rodimus’ morale rising awards program actually made me laugh out loud. His ability to draw tense, dramatic scenes that could forever change the history of the Transformer’s universe followed up by one of these humours scenes is part of the reason I always look forward to reading this series.

Joanna Lafeuente brings her A game again with her colours and brings us the brightest, most colourful interpretation of the Transformers featured In any book I have come across. It is one of the few books when a sunset actually matters or you can tell which character is just out of shot because his or her arm is a completely unique tone. She adds the shine and the glow to the world and her ability to make images literally pop off the page can not be understated.

New Readers should pick up the last couple of issues before reading this if only so they can appreciate the constant misdirection and truly satisfying ending presented in this issue. The book does what it always does, it presents us with a question and then gives us answers we didn’t even think to look for, a genuinely enthralling tale that reminds us that not being in control of all of the facts can be a dangerous thing.

This issue does exactly what it set out to do, it wraps up a well told story with an outcome that before now was as illusive as Brainstorm himself. It is a fitting end to a fantastic tale and the art team present us with a vision of the Transformer’s universe that is as stunning as it is stylish. Smart and funny writing literally seep out of every page and prove that you can have a serious story with a heart warming outcome that can still make the reader laugh and enjoy his time spent with the characters. It is easy to recommend this book to anyone with a passing interest in the Transformers franchise, if you are looking for something to add to your pull list then look no further, its this book!