Review – Transformers More than Meets the Eye 52

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Transformers 52

Review – Transformers More than Meets the Eye 52
Writer: James Roberts
Art: Alex Milne
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B. Long
Publisher: IDW

It’s that time of the month again when we check in on the crew of the Lost Light and find out where their adventures have taken them. Last issue the crew had been stranded on Necroworld, a planet that records the death of all Transformers and home to the late Necrobot. Megatron’s Decepticon Justice Division have cornered their former leader so Tarn can have a face to face with his former idol and leader.

Megatron’s turn from Decepticon overlord to Autobot did not sit well with Tarn and after meeting with him and seeing the change in his former master he is repulsed and steeped in hatred for what has happened to him. Megatron’s redemption arc has been the most fascinating story thread to watch in all of the ongoing books but usually we see the fear and loathing for Megatron through the eyes of the Autobots, it is something else to witness it through the eyes of a former ally. Their meeting turns sour fast and the climax is as brutal as you would expect from Roberts and co, of course it carries more weight than perhaps anything else in rest of the book.

At the tail end of the last book we saw the return of fan favourites Ratchet and Drift and they waste no time making their mark and battling the combined forces of Deathsaurus and the DJD. Ravage also has an important part to play in events as the tide of battle begins to turn against our heroes. There is something of an emotional river flowing through this issue, starting on a high note with the return of two lost friends, the despair of Megatron’s plight and the impending hurricane of three separate enemy factions joining together to wipe out our crew, especially with what we know of their fates as seen in the first part of this story.

Milne always delivers incredible art and really works hard this issue to create a hopeless scenario using his visual flare to match the running narrative. He pulls this all off wonderfully and in a story that focuses on the very natures and souls of our cast he excels at creating the most expressive and in places, brutal set pieces to date.

Lafuente colours every page with glorious effect, the battle at sunset is equal parts gorgeous and grotesque in no small part due to the strength of her art. Tarn and Megatron’s showdown is made all the more impactful purely because Lafuente was present and the final panel for this is visually stunning and simultaneously painful to look upon.

This issue is the best of the arc yet and every single person in the creative team is firing on all cylinders! As we have come to expect with the More than Meets the Eye creative team, the story is the best in class blowing away every other book being released this month! The art from both a pencils and colours standpoint is outstanding no matter how you look at it and enhances the narrative tenfold! Quite simply put this book is the best thing on shelves this month and fan of the subject matter or not, you need to be reading it.

Story – 5/5
Art – 5/5
Overall – 5/5