Review – Transformers More than Meets the Eye 55

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More than meets the eye 55

Writer: James Roberts
Art: Alex Milne
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B. Long
Publisher: IDW

The last time we saw our Transformers, formally the crew of the lost light, they were fighting an impossible battle against the combined forces of Deathsaurus, Tarn and Overlord and thanks to a momentary boost they had actually turned the tide. As these things often go though Tarn’s forces began to gain ground and his vicious attack on a beloved G1 bot spurred Megatron into action.

Roberts has a tendency to really tug on the reader’s heart strings and it’s never a slow build, its literally thrust upon us unexpectedly and its always something that will matter. Megatron was well and truly broken before this series began to climax and it seemed like he would stay that way but after the events of the last issue we see a dangerous energy in him once more and more than that, we want him to use it.

Roberts has excelled at giving us a crew of mixed Autobot and Decepticons that should have been impossible to like and yet in a short time we all grew to love them. He also more importantly helps mould some of the most despicable for them to fight but like every great story the hero is only as good as the enemy he or she is up against and to that end we had some seriously excellent writing on both. There is a scene near the end where both Megatron and Soundwave have a moment of silence and it was more heart breaking than it had any right to be, it is a skilful writer that can invoke such feelings in a book about Giant transforming Robots and I hope that this continues for a long time to come.

Milne works his magic on pencils once again this issue and I can only imagine his exhaustion after creating such an action packed issue. There are two very powerful scenes in this book that I think are worthy of best scenes in a comic book this year so far! The first is a scene between Megatron and Tarn, a plan is unleashed and the look on Tarn’s face gives away the severity of the situation. The second is the scene I mentioned above featuring Megatron and Soundwave, no words are passed but the emotion in the scene is clear. I honestly don’t know how Milne does it every month, his work never shows any signs of being rushed, everything is always super detailed and the Transformers themselves carry a kinetic energy with them during every scene giving each and every panel life and energy you rarely see in any books today.

Lafuente’s colours bathe the battlefield in rich orange and deep purple blasts of energy against a moonlight sky. As the battle rages the colours grow ever more intense until finally at the end, the sun sets and the light of day shines upon everyone, alive or dead, Autobot or Decepticon equally. Such is the power of colour, Lafuente literally controls the ferocity and the aftermath giving this entire issue the power and energy it needed to really stand out. Milne creates the skeleton and structure of the battle and controls the pace of each event but it is Lafuente who breathes life and death into every scene, each drop of spilled energon and every ray of light casting glorious reflection across Necro world.

This issue is a triumph in art and storytelling and brings yet another enthralling arc of MTMTE to an end. The final pages of this book really hammer home just how important the crew have become to each other and to us, the series is never one to veer away from dealing with difficult situations and its all the better for it. Despite being a book with some very high profile generation 1 and 2 Transformers prominently featured you never get the feeling that anyone is truly untouchable and in fact, if it made for an interesting story anyone could be taken from us at any moment. One thing that has been clear in this issue and in the issues prior is that the creative team understand their fictional crew and love creating them as much as we love reading them. If you haven’t picked up an issue of the series yet and this review has gotten you interested I urge you to pick up the very next one and discover why this book continues to be at the top of my pile every month.

Transformers More than Meets the Eye 55

Transformers More than Meets the Eye 55








        • Emotional and Engaging arc
        • Brutal Action
        • Megatron


        • Unexpected character death
        • Not new reader friendly