Review – Transformers More than Meets the Eye 57

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Transformers more than meets the eye 57

Writer: James Roberts
Art: Priscilla Tramontano
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Chris Mowry
Publisher: IDW

This is it, the final issue of Transformers More than Meets the Eye and with it the end of the short but fairly horrifying chain of events that began with Red Alert and his switch to Sentinel Prime’s team. Of course things are rarely as straight forward as they appear and we are in for a few surprises this issue.

Roberts short but incredibly well-crafted tale of events reveals just what caused the defection of Red Alert to the side of Sentinel and gives us some insight into just how devious and under handed the former Prime is. The dialogue between all of this books characters is exceptional as always but it is Red Alerts inner struggle that is the truly fascinating and compelling scene feeding off of what occurred in the previous issue.

Tramontano returns and has the task of not just creating a scene full of already established characters from the series canon, she also has the momentous task of drawing dozens of Titans in battle! Not only does she rise to the challenge, she creates one of the most epic battle sequences in recent months and at no point ever drops the ball on the quality of visuals we have grown accustomed to as regular readers of the series. As is always important in this series and its focus on personalities and emotion we see every painful expression and moment of horror on our character’s faces which takes something a little extra.

Lafuente wraps all of the action, all of the heart of the story in her spell bounding colours giving the world and the Transformers themselves an undeniable presence on each and every panel. Of particular note, the sequence involving the Titans and their attempt to leave orbit is just breath taking, the lighting on show as well as the weapon fire is as realistic as anything I have seen in this story or any other and really makes the sequence pop with a vibrancy few will likely to ever match.

So at the end of More than Meets the Eye, the series as a whole and this book we don’t really have time to morn as the series transforms into Transformers: Lost Light next issue. It is worth reading through Robert’s letter at the end of the book for a short preview of what is to come, we don’t know who else will join him on the series going forward but he has many more tales to tell so will thankfully be around for a long time to come. If you are a new reader then I recommend you pick up the issue prior to this one if nothing else, much of what is happening won’t have the same impact if you had been reading for a long time but there are enough original generation Transformers in this story and enough explanation to give some context to what is currently happening.

As an end to this series and the beginning of the next it is easy to recommend this issue to anyone who is interested in reading it, it features and incredibly talented creative team who excel in every aspect of their craft. This particular tale though only two issues long will have some repercussions when we finally catch up with the crew of the Lost Light next issue. Roberts rarely does anything that isn’t in some way connected to the greater story he is trying to tell and it can often be years later before things come into play though given that Prowl is slinking around its unlikely he will stay quiet for long. As always this book regardless of how it is named, will remain at the top of my reading pile and I am excited to see what December holds and you should be too!

Review – Transformers More than Meets the Eye 57

Review – Transformers More than Meets the Eye 57








        • Great story telling with complex characters
        • Gorgeous art and dynamic colours


        • We have to wait until December for the next issue