Review – Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #40

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Transformers More than Meets the Eye

Writer: James Roberts
Art: Brendan Cahill
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

Currently the only Transformers book not feeding into the Combiner Wars event, The crew of the Lost Light decide try to work out what to do with Brainstorm now that his time travelling antics are over and someone important decides to leave the crew.

It is refreshing being able to read a book that follows its own story and isn’t completely twisted up in some massive event, anyone reading DC or Marvel books right now will likely be suffering from the same event fatigue as I am. With that said Roberts is back in control of the crew of the Lost Light and shows us a book with as much humour in it as it has important discoveries. I have said so before but Roberts has the ability to totally humanise the Transformers be they Autobot or Decepticon in a way that allows the reader to really get caught up in the drama as it unfolds.

Ratchet, one of the Generation one Transformers decides he wants to carry out an important task but he has a ship full of Cybertronians with something to say to each other and no idea how to do it. Queue Ratchet’s hidden skill, his ability to meddle in the lives of others for the greater good. It may not seem too far from the kind of story you would watch unfold in a sitcom, but none the less its effective and goes one step further with the cementing of the crew and their mission.

As always Roberts sets up some humour along the way and I challenge anyone not to laugh out loud during Brainstorm’s trial when he gives his long speech and gets a standing ovation from a member of the jury. That isn’t the only joke in there but it was the one that really caught me off guard. The book carries a fair bit of sentiment too and we get to spend some time with Ten which is quite frankly heartbreaking but in a warm, happy way.

Brendan Cahill takes over on art this issue and does a sterling job and re-creating the Lost Light in distinctive yet familiar way. This issue features a lot of static scenes and set pieces which helps to show off Cahill’s extreme attention to detail on every page, in particular I found his portrayal of Ten and his very open and honest emotions to be a highlight especially considering just how expressionless that Cybertronian is.

Joanna Lafeuente is this books anchor and once again gives the art its living, breathing colour that makes the whole thing look like an issue of More than Meets the Eye. No matter who is on art her colours keep everything looking familiar but more than that, they enhance and bring the images to life. Her use of lighting and even a cheeky lens flare mid way through the book highlights her ability to add a cinematic feel to an already gorgeous tale.

New Readers and Veterans alike should pick this up with impunity, the new readers will not know who everyone is but they will very quickly understand this book’s dynamic and see the personalities of its characters laid bare. I suspect this issue takes place before the Drift: Empire of Stone mini series as it appears to lead us directly to the first page of that book and if that is the case and what was hinted at is actually going to happen, then this reader is going to be immeasurably pleased as a result.

It is good to be with the crew on-board the Lost Light after last issues departure and even if some of the resolutions reached by Ratchet are a little too convenient sometimes everything plays out nicely. This issue, and indeed, this series has heart, something that cant be said for a lot of comics this day and the creative team are in a position where they can write an entire issue about one Cybertronian hanging out with his friends and just talking to them and actually make us care about the outcome.

For a series that features giant transforming robots and features all kinds of time travelling and world ending plot devices, this book somehow creates some of the most heartfelt and funniest moments you will ready anywhere each month.