Review – Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #42

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Transformers MTMTE 42

Writer: James Roberts
Art: Alex Milne
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

Transformers More than Meets the Eye continues the adventures of the crew of the Lost Light led by Megatron and Rodimus as they search of the Lost Knights of Cybertron.

Last issue we started down a dark path which seemed to hint that the book was going into horror territory which to Roberts credit, actually did seem to be working. The first few pages of this issue totally dispel that notion however and the story returns to its usual light hearted tone…the grizzly death of one Transformer not withstanding. The full arc does only last two issues which is a little surprising considering how long the previous stories have been but it is nice to have a little mini story to break up the series a little. We do get to see Nautica take the centre stage a little more here as we find out much more about her past and her former colleagues.

Milne’s art is as always gorgeous and his ability to render emotion, everything from fear, surprise, confusion and anger in the faces of our protagonists is nothing short of astonishing. The nightmarish creatures laying siege to the Vis Vitalis are appropriately hideous and come off extremely sinister both due to their design work and their uncovered origin.

Lafeuente brings her A game as always rendering the Transformers and their enemies In glorious colour, vibrant and bold throughout. The smallest detail pencilled by Milne is truly brought to the fore front by her dazzling infusions and importance is given to the cast themselves by leaving the backgrounds mostly devoid of colour save for when the action requires it. When things get dark (literally) her skills are put to good use showing off her ability to manipulate light and how it casts across the chassis of each of the characters.

This series has always benefited from a lengthy yet witty intro page explaining what has happened before and once again it provides a nice jumping on point as well as a nice reminder to those of us always on board about just what happened last issue.

If there is anything that is disappointing I would perhaps just say the length of the tale, I feel this could have been easily stretched out to a four issue mini arc and still maintained its tight story telling throughout. I do believe this is just down to how well the creative team work on the longer, more epic arcs and having been spoiled for so long with such high quality, long reaching tales I am perhaps just not used to anything quite so short.

More than Meets the Eye continues to be the most interesting and consistently positive of the books in the series. Sometimes the book does wrestle with tone a little but I feel this issue and arc although not perfect, does represent the book as well as any before or after. This is really a book about personalities and I am thankful we have been given a glimpse into the past of some of our less known protagonists to really get to know them, with such a large cast It would have been easier to bury her and focus on someone more established but I feel Nautica has the potential to be one of the more interesting crew members to join the Lost Light. With story telling focusing on the Transformers themselves and less on their conflict and beautiful artwork throughout it is always difficult to fault this series. The slight dip in the score this issue is just due to how much of a high standard this book holds on a month to month basis and compared to its previous (and I am sure future) tales it does not quite reach the heights of which we are used to.