Review – Transformers: More than Meets the Eye 47

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Transformers More than meets the eye

Writer: James Roberts
Pencils: Brendan Cahill
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

We finally find ourselves back on board the Lost Light this issue after a bit of a hiatus with our loveable band of misfits but from the very first page we sense something is afoot. Tailgate is being romanced by Getaway but Cyclonus is suspicious and more than a little jealous. All the while a plan is being hatched to take out ex Decepticon leader Megatron which was never going to end well.

I don’t ever remember there being any emotional connection let alone a romantic one between Cyclonus and Tailgate but it may well have occurred before I started reading the series. Regardless of my lack of foreknowledge Cyclonus as dark and stoic as he normally is kind of adorable when he bears his soul to Whirl and when we find out his part in this whole mess it is more than a little heart breaking. Roberts has built up Cyclonus as quite the warrior and yet imbues him with enough emotion this issue to allow us to really see him for what he is.

Ravage has a small part to play and ironically even with his insistence that he is not a cat his insistence of a specific area being “his spot” as he gets a drink from his bowl is cute and perhaps a nod to Red Dwarf?

Brendan Cahill is on pencils this month and his work is extreme close to what we expect from Milne, that is to say an excellent and detailed vision of our Transformers. Tailgate and Getaway are fairly hare to emote given that they have no mouths and fairly static eyes but we do get to see them emote effectively. Cyclonus benefits from having humanoid features and given that his default expression is that of pained indifference it is wonderful to see him express himself emotionally for a change. I have to say though Whirl despite not actually having a face to speak of is perhaps the one that stood out most and I have to give Cahill top marks for using body language to convey more than facial features ever could.

The remainder of the book is gorgeous though given the shadowy plans hatched it won’t surprise anyone to see that it takes place mostly at night the scene towards the end was so unexpected and tragic that I did have to take a breath. I will say no more but Roberts and Cahill did excellent work on those final few panels.

Joana Lafuente had a fairly challenging task this issue with the varied panels randomly changing from darkness to fully light on almost every page. Once again she delivers and brings mood and conspiracy to the dark panels that would otherwise have not been so obvious to detect. Her work on all of the Transformers, Cyclonus especially is a marvel and the colours used on the final few panels are appropriately blinding.

I am fascinated to see where this story is going, this is not the first attempt we have had on Megatron’s life and his patience is surely starting to wear thin at this point. We also witness an event that from reading next month’s solicitations is likely to cause some massive unexpected event. The impact of the final few pages is going to huge for anyone who is a long time reader though even new readers are likely to pick up on some of the significance.

All in all its great to be back on the Lost Light, I am glad to the crew again but the events of this story are likely to cause a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for most of us. The creative team of this book are still the only writers in the Transformers universe willing to tackle real emotion and tackle love in such a profound way and this issue is a prime example of that. It fills me with hope that we still have a book within an established licensed universe where a creative team like this are able to fully own the characters and really flesh them out in ways we just haven’t been used to in other books. As always this is the book that finds its way to the top of my pile each month and I am rarely disappointed, there just isn’t anything else like it out there right now.