Review – Transformers: More than Meets the Eye 48

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More than meets the eye 48

Writer: James Roberts
Pencils: Hayato Sakamoto
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B Long & Chris Mowry
Publisher: IDW

Last issue felt like the end of the status quo on the Lost Light as the Transformers on board slowly started to turn on each other. Luckily this was not the case though what happens in the second half of the book might actually be worse.

The book starts out with Skids recalling a mission he was on prior to his time on our favourite Star Ship and hitting several significant memory blocks he is unable to work through. Rung has been assisting him with remembering the things he had forgotten and they are surprised by a visit by an acquaintance of his, Froid. We get to see Megatron and Cyclonus have the kind of discussion you would never have seen before this series and we get a new big bad for the crew to contend with.

As usual Roberts reminds us of just how personality driven this book is and watching the Transformers of various factions all interact like a big dysfunctional family is a huge part of this. There are not many books you can pick up that feature the original boss of the bad guys living and (sometimes) joking with two previous leaders and have it feel perfectly normal. The last few pages are typically dramatic and hugely creepy when the big reveal happens and as usual Roberts works his magic to induce a nightmarish set piece.

Sakamoto continues his run on pencils and his work is once again sublime, not only are the Transformers themselves lovingly detailed but their faces are filled with elaborate expressions which is important when he is paired up with a writer like Roberts. He can also deliver a creepy panel or two when required which works well in this particular issue.

Colour is provided by series veteran Lafuente and her work continues to dazzle and bring true life to the crew of the Lost Light. Dark scenes are made more sinister and happy scenes all brighter thanks to her flair and as a result this book feels all the more alive for her presence.

The story has taken a totally different direction to where I thought it would last issue, but given the foe introduced at the end of this issue I can definitely see how the previous theme could be incorporated. Roberts and team have once again given the crew of the Lost Light a brief moment of happiness, the smallest bit of hope before landing them all In what is likely to be their darkest tale yet. The joy of that is, knowing what has come before we can’t help but be a little excited to see exactly where this tale goes and we are in good hands for the trip.

If you are new to the series some of the stuff from last issue won’t make sense but the meat of the story will still be relevant. This is a good jumping on point for anyone who has been considering picking the book up for a while and unlike the other Transformers books on the go at the moment it is fairly self-contained so can be read on its own. It also happens to be the most forward thinking and character driven book in the series so give it a try and I am sure you will find something to love about it.