Review – Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #34

Transformers MTMTE # 34 cover
Writer: James Roberts
Pencils: Atilio Rojo
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B Long
Publisher: IDW

The last issue of the Dawn of the Autobots arc for this specific Transformers book finished up last issue but this is also a historical chronicle of sorts. Taking place directly after the events of the last Great Cybertronian war, we delve a little deeper into ex Deceticon Leader Megatron’s past.

Roberts leads this book off in a dual arc, one that takes place in present day, after the events of the war that engulfed the Transformers home world, but also in the distant past where we see Megatron in his original function as a miner. Forget what pre-conceptions you may have of Megatron and allow this revealing look at his past remind you of how he became the greatest threat the Autobots ever faced. There is a lot going on in this reveal and we get glimpses of some of the events that may have twisted his once noble cause. I love how we get to see a politically active version of this once great super villain and his concern for his fellow Cybertronians is something we have only really witnessed fairly recently.

The second story, set in current time is more than a little unsettling and I will be deliberately vague so I don’t spoil the ending. Three autobots arrive at the scene of an accident and resolve to bring a dying Transformer back to life. The chassis contains no markings so they cant tell if its an Autobot or Decepticon and despite the war being over, there is still some distrust at the possibility of bringing a broken Decepticon back to life. The kind of prejudice we see mixed with fear of the unknown is a very human trait and one we can all relate to whether that be conscious or unconscious bias against someone we chose to distrust. I am glad that Roberts did no lay it on too thick as it could easily have disrupted the tense mood of the issue.

Rojo has taken over on pencils this issue and honestly, I wasn’t able to tell immediately. This is not because he is any less of an artist, but because he has the ability to emulate the style already set by this book whilst still adding his own visual flair. I appreciated not having a jarring change of artist and his work, especially the last three pages are sure to send a shiver up any reader’s spine. Lafuente’s colours of course is the constant anchor in visuals of this series and as always they shine through, even in the most gruesome of circumstances.

This is a good jumping on point for new readers since it appears to be a bridging issue between the previous event and an upcoming one. The one downside is perhaps how frequently it jumps from the past to present, often without any warning. Not really that big a deal in the grand scale of things but it could be confusing if the reader is not aware of the change.

Overall this is a good issue with plenty of lead in to the next big event in the Transformers universe, it features a new threat still operating under Megatron’s previous orders and tackles the issue of prejudice in a smart way. It leaves us with just enough of a glimpse into what is coming next whilst leaving us wanting to find out more and that of course always a good thing. I am positively intrigued to see what the creative team have in store for us next issue, it does not look like a good day to be an Autobot.