Review – Transformers Primacy #3

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Transformers Primacy 3
Writers: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
Art: Livio Ramondelli
Letters: Chris Mowry
Editor: John Barber

Transformers Primacy continues the dark chapter leading up to the events that start the first Great Cybertronian war. These are the darkest moments the Autobots ever face and serves as a precursor to the Generation one Television show as well as every comic book and video game that has ever been made.

The war starts here, all of the foreshadowing, all of the build up and gathering of Decepticon troops has all led up to this point. From the very first page with Metroplex taking on the abomination Trypticon, the action never relents for a single panel. Megatron shows the readers that he is not just some crazy conqueror battering down the autobots with sheer numbers, he is a tactician, a warrior that can anticipate moves that his opponent hasn’t even thought of yet. Metzen and Dille really have outdone themselves, you really want to hate Megatron but thanks to the writing you end up admiring just how smart he is.

It is painful to watch the inexperienced Prime battling against such impossible odds, we see some brief glimpses of the warrior he will become, the leader he needs to be. The story really does feel like a natural extension to everything that follows, it is so dark and bleak but it feels authentic and really helps us to understand how horrible this battle was and the toll it took on the warriors facing off against each other.

Livio Ramondelli consistently delivers some of the most beautiful artwork and some of the most detailed interpretations of the Transformers you will ever see. Once again though I have problems with some of the more fluid action sequences, I found myself more than once having to stare at an image to actually make out what was happening. It is something I can live with when the colours and pencils are of such a high quality and to be fair, a few seconds staring at an incredibly detailed scene is much more rewarding than glancing at a hastily drawn panel. You will never encounter this with Ramondelli, his work continues shine throughout, brutal and dark whilst at the same time breath taking and beautiful.

This is not a place you want to jump on as a new reader, the first two issues had all of the build up and plot, the next issue is the last one so this is the action book. I would strongly advise that anyone looking at this review picks up the first two issues or this is not going to make any sense to them. I would also like to stress that the series relies on a certain amount of Transformers knowledge, basic is fine (having watched the tv show or movies are enough) but this cannot be your first entry into this world.

This is the moment we have all been waiting for since we started reading the book, some smart and intelligent writing combined with jaw dropping art whisks us to the very genesis of every book, show and movie based on the franchise. We watch mighty warriors rise and fall, great minds out manover each other and best of all, every single thing we have read up until now finally pays off in full. If you have been a fan of Transformers as long as I have this is a series you definitely need to be reading, it adds an essential and long missing chapter to the show we all grew up with and it helps us understand why a lot of things are changing in the other books following the end of the war.